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New Irish Recording Company(NIRC)Irish classical label.

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    This record label appears to have been the only Irish label to specialise in classical releases but theres a complete dearth of information out there about it.I picked up this release from the label(this one is from 1971),which includes work by Irish composer Gerard Victory,I've added it onto the Discogs database since.Anyone know how long they were active and roughly how many releases they did?Its an unjustly neglected area of Irish music history.



  • I bet Lindsay Armstrong was the man behind this. I've tried to encourage Lindsay to write his memoirs, but he is reluctant.

  • Doshea3 wrote: »
    I bet Lindsay Armstrong was the man behind this. I've tried to encourage Lindsay to write his memoirs, but he is reluctant.

    It would be great if he would.

  • By my calculation there would have been at least 17 releases. I have 12. There could be more, as some choral and other anomalies have different kinds of serial sequence. I know what one title is I don't have, but the others I don't. It's a mystery as to why this is a black hole, but Seamus O'Neill, the man behind mulligan records, was also behind NIRC.

  • Further.... it appears that the majority of the releases happened between 1971, and 1974. there's a gap of three years to 1977 with the last title i have, a vivaldi collection. it follows directly numeric from the last 1974 one. I have two choral titles that have their own numeric series. there's an 'irish festival disc' that also has it's own numeric. At least i'm assuming that these are separate to the 'main' numeric run. I only first came across the label about 2 years ago. although i'd have to admit to not being a classical composition type per se, i have habitually gathered anything homegrown of cultural interest for about 35 years. a mystery to me that i'd not seen it before. i know other such enthusiast's who were equally unknowing, and gob smacked. also, i've never seen one anywhere outside dublin, really, and I go all over looking for records....

  • The James Galway release listed on discogs - if the album artwork pictured is anything to go by - is not an NIRC. It is the same recording, licenced presumably by galway himself afterwards to his subsequent label RCA red seal. Story goes james financed this debut recording and NIRC pressed it up for release, with different artwork to the RCA job. presumably it got him the red seal gig that has left every second hand store and charity shop remaindered with the man with the golden flute - for a few generations!

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  • 18 releases, it could be now....

  • Thanks for that,I thought there was something iffy about that James Galway release too.

  • Has anyone out there got a copy of Bodley's string quartet on nirc ? I've been looking for it for 30 years .....I think I have all the rest but I'm really not sure. I would be happy to pay 100 euros for it....

  • I discovered recently that I know the man who ran the NIRC (not Lindsay as I earlier supposed), and so I shall ask him on your behalf.

  • I've sent you a private message.

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  • Thank you for the pm but I don't have the information required re server .....I've only got 10 of these recordings so if the Bodley was not issued then there are probably another two or three for me to find....if , that is , they were issued in the first place.....
    All the best in the new year.

  • For some reason or other my posts don't seem to be posting ......I've posted a few replies but they just vanish when I press enter.....

    Just now I'm listening to the Bernadette Greevy " Berlioz: Les Nuits d'ete" NIR 013. A wonderful recording like all the others...For anyone out there who might be interested there is a recording of Bodley's 3rd Symphony " CEOL on the rte label which is well worth getting but like the nirc recordings it's very rare and difficult to took me over ten years to find a copy myself....

  • Heres another release on the label to add to the list.I picked this up for 20 cents from Cork City Library.Its no 5 on the label,I've just added it to the Discogs database.