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Operation Sledgehammer… 04/07/15

  • 17-06-2015 12:30pm
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    Sign in open: 08.30
    Start: 11.00
    Endex: 21.00
    Game fee: €30

    Tickets available from 20.00 on Wednesday 17th June.
    A link to pay a €15 deposit to secure a place will be posted here.

    Operation Sledgehammer
    Location : Baltan Strip

    The neighbouring regions of Poldova and Servia both gained their independance from the collapse of the superstate, known as the Eurasian Union. Tensions soon arose between the new states when forming their respective boundaries. After weeks of productive negotiations the talks broke down over a small strip of land known as the Baltan Strip. The Servian government claimed that the various ethnic groups living in the region held ties with the rest of Servia, while the Poldovan government maintained that the region had been part of their provincial territory for years before the formation of the Eurasian Union.

    The Armed forces of Servia have now began setting up forward operating bases along the strip to protect their interests in the region from the growing presence of the Poldovan military who have been patrolling the Airspace in the region.

    Intelligence gathered from Poldovan aircraft and recon teams report the presence of Servian military far deeper into the strip than originally thought. They have begun fortifying their new positions with surface to air missiles and entrenched positions.

    Poldovan military commanders have decided that a task force will be sent to the region to push back the Servian forces and reaffirm security in the region.

    What to expect:
    This is a 10 hour Military Simulation event.
    There will be an emphasis on combat at this event but at the same time do not expect to be shooting from start to finish. Expect recon followed up with planned and coordinated attacks on stronghold positions. Players will have to operate to a schedule and take orders from command.

    Players who attend this event will be expected to be self sufficient and be able to stay in the field for the duration of the event.


    Poldovan 1st Paratroop Regiment.
    Uniform headwear:
    Bandanas, Helmets, or Beanies.

    Servian Marines.
    Uniform headwear:
    Bush hats or Peaked caps

    Event Rules: