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IPG company

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    Hi everyone, spotted the IPG stand yesterday and after a long chat with the guy I bought a €60 deal which got me paintballing for 10 people. He said if I bought another €60 deal he would throw in another 2 deals for free (but I declined this). He threw in 1000 free paintballs (small print says that they can't be used by just one person and the most one person can get is 100 and they have to be booked in advance and can only be used for the last game)

    At the time it seemed great but after reading comments online (and checking the small print) it seems like the paintballing day could cost a small fortune.

    A few examples of the additional cost:

    Gloves, €15 for first 100 paintballs, then have to pay €8.50 for every 100 paintballs after that.

    Seems like it could be a VERY expensive day and now I feel a bit conned as none of these extras were explained to me (yes I should have stopped and read everything at the time but the sales guy should have also explained it).

    So was I ripped off? Are this crowd actually decent? They seem to be middle men for paintballing places ...


  • Yup, I got suckered in too. Got exactly the same deal as you. It sounded way too good to be true. The guy was a good salesman and it was totally my fault. My fiance and I were going to do it as a combined Stag/Hen but it seems really expensive with all the extras.
    Those first 100 paintballs will be gone in the first game and your there for the day so you'll need that €6 meal.
    I suppose on the plus, It is a full days game and from what I've been reading here they have probably the best facilities and gear in Ireland.

  • It can be an expensive day out, especially if you decide to shoot everything in sight but there are a lot of vouchers for this company on that will save you a bit of money so there is definitely no need to pay full price: