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Prospective oxbridge student

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    Hello everyone!
    I have a few queries with regard to the Oxbridge application process along with academic and extra curricular requirements.

    Let me start by saying that I am in my final year of Irish secondary school, up until about two months ago, mid April or thereabouts, I hadn't put much effort into my studies and had consistently achieved average or below average results. However, I have now started to change my life around and devote a lot more time to study, I have become more disciplined and rigorous with regard to study -- about 7-8 hours study per night-- and I hope to achieve 3 A2s, 2B3s and 1C3. I know this isn't near enough to what the schools expect of me but my plan is to repeat my leaving cert and follow through with my discipline.

    Finally to my questions,

    - What are my chances of getting into Oxbridge if I have completely transformed myself and intended to repeat as already mentioned?

    -What is the application process?

    -Is there anything extra in particular tutors like to see in prospective students?

    P.S I am studying all of my subjects at honours level


  • For Cambridge... not a hope. You need 5As (predicted or achieved) just to apply. Repeating will really, really not be looked favourably at. You won't get an interview so you'll have no chance to impress in person.
    If you did well at Junior Cert (8 or more As) and have excellent extracurriculars - and are applying for an non-competitive course with an entry exam - you might have a shot at Oxford. I definitely wouldn't be hopeful.

  • Note: Your Junior Cert results will be seen as THE key indicator of your academic potential. You will be judged on the merits of those, at least in the pre-interview stage of selection. If you haven't done well in those (meaning well above average) you not only won't make Oxbridge, you won't make ANY Russell Group uni.