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    I tend to go through random spells of doing a flurry of bets on horses for a few weeks, when the notion takes me, then doing nothing for months. Either the account balance dwindles to zero, or else I decide I want the money and withdraw it all!

    I've just had a look at my Paddy Power account. I put €20 into the account a good few weeks ago and have since withdrawn €316.88 in winnings. 90 bets made altogether! :eek: 23 wins out of the 90. (When I say "wins", that's either win or e/w, I'm not bothered doing a thorough analysis! It's a pity PP don't allow downloads in a user-friendly format.)

    Anyways my account balance is currently zero, but last night I had €50 - all currently outstanding on bets - so that's my starting point for the purposes of this log.

    Couple of self-imposed rules. If my balance ever reaches €100, I withdraw to bring it down to €50. (I usually withdraw once it goes over €50 anyways.) The maximum I will ever lodge to this account - for this log - is €50 (and as I'm saying €50 was my starting point, that's €100 altogether.) The maximum I'll place on any one bet is €20.

    By the way, I know I'd better better odds and deals if I had a few accounts with different bookies - I might consider that at some stage!

    I won't be doing much in terms of reasoning for my bets. I'm not an avid horse person, more of a chancer! But a lucky one! (I do do some research though!)

    OK as I mentioned I have €50 to start with on outstanding bets for today. Chances are I'll lose them all, despite my good luck lately, and end up looking like an eejit for starting this log. :rolleyes: If that happens, I'll just lodge another €50 tomorrow and start again. And if I lose that, that's me done for another few months! :)

    Here goes!

    14:00 Lingfield - Avidly @ 14/1 €2.50 e/w
    14:50 Ayr - Lord Buffhead @ 9/1 €5.00 e/w
    14:50 Ayr - Blue Sonic @ 6/1 €5.00 e/w
    15:30 Lingfield - Thomas Blossom €5.00 @ 6/1 to win
    16:00 Lingfield - Macs Superstar @ 10/1 €5.00 to win
    17:20 Ayr - Act Your Shoe Size @ 6/1 €5.00 to win
    18:00 Sligo - Copy That @ 12/1 €5.00 each way


  • Oooooh and I see the odds for most of those have drifted a lot since I put my bets on early this morning. Chances are there's good reason for that. Not off to a good start here! :D

  • Well that went well! :D €50 down and absolutely zero wins! Oh well!

    Today's bets ...

    14:20 Ayr - Saxonette @ 8/1 €2.50 e/w
    15:50 Goodwood - Firmament @ 6/1 €5.00 e/w
    17:45 Ayr - Just The Tonic @ 7/1 €2.50 e/w

  • Nothing wrong with your picks but you cant keep a log going with your entire bankroll at stake on the first day. Reduce your stakes, up your bankroll and spread it out a little.