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How much have you

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    Closed Accounts Posts: 6 ✭✭✭ ToddUmptious

    Off the cigs about 40 days now and have saved over €500.

    That works out as over €4k a year - No going back now!!


  • Off the smokes 5 days.. Saved 11 beans

  • Never looked at quiting in a money saving perspective...Really interesting.

  • Always justified the price of cigs until I gave up on January 1st this year. Since then I've saved 151days of smoking a pack of 20 (each 10 euro!) so €1510.00. No smell of smoke off me, car is much cleaner and fragrant, and my breathing isn't wesey anymore- should have done it years ago! Read somewhere than mentally you shouldn't say you've 'given up' because you feel at a loss then about missing out- instead say you 'don't smoke anymore'. It's all about our mentalitity!!