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Anyone else dream of smoking?!

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    Hi lads, I've been off the smokes / vaping for just over 3 weeks now. Going really well, even managed to go out on the drink and not crack, but one thing that's killing me is that I keep dreaming of smoking! It's driving me demented, did this happen to anyone else when they were giving up? How long did it last if it did happen to you?


  • You just reminded me of something that used to happen to me, I used to dream I was smoking then Id wake up and for a couple of minutes Id be confused thinking Id actually smoked!!

    It was horrible, Id wake up in a panic!

    It stopped happening after a few weeks although I would still occasionally have a dream about smoking, but I havent had one where I really thought I smoked in a long long time now (Im off them 3.5 years).