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    Welcome to the Conspiracy Theories forum!

    The general purpose of this forum is to provide a thriving and constructive place for ladies and gentlemen to discuss topics of a controversial nature: topics in which there is an allegation that they involve some degree of misinformation and/or coordinated deception - ie. Conspiracies. Examples include the 9/11/2001 terror attacks aka. 'did the US government do it?' or discussions about the Illuminati, etc.

    The forum moderators as of November 2020 are Ted_YNWA and Quickbeam. While most issues are handled faster (1-12 hours), please allow up to 48 hours for us to respond to issues. Reporting an issue is not a guarantee that an action will be taken, but is a guarantee that the issue will be reviewed. Some issues take more time to process than others. Moderators may post in bold so you can better spot warnings/instructions.

    Reminder of Site Rules that apply here (Click for detail):
    1. Be Civil aka. Don't be a dick
    2. Do not post pornography
    3. Don't spam your message
    4. Don't advertise your company
    5. Don't abuse people personally
    6. Don't backseat moderate
    7. Don't give or request professional services or advice
    8. Not reading the rules is against the rules
    9. Discretion of the moderator
    10. Don't post NSFW material
    11. We speak English, so should you
    12. Forbidden topics of discussion (List)

    (Link to Site FAQ)

    Forum Specific Rules and Guidelines:
    • This forum is not for satire.
      Yes, we ironically mention lizard-men a lot in here, but this forum is for genuine discussion on topics of merit. Balance levity with substance dammit.
    • This is not a youtube dump.
      Discussions that surround a specific piece of media (Eg. Loose Change, a popular 9/11 conspiracy film) belong in their own threads.[/I]
    • Do not just plagiarize or regurgitate source material.
      This is NOT a facebook wall. Videos/media/links you do include in your arguments need to be supported with your own words, enough that a reader should be able to follow the conversation without viewing the media - users may be on dial-up, behind firewalls, etc. that restrict their access to streaming content.
    • Address the topic, not the poster.
      Back and forth between a handful of posters that goes on for pages and ages is the precursor to a thread falling off the rails. See the pyramid chart below for what is considered acceptable guidelines.
    • Respect the opinions of others.
      Trying to spend 100 odd posts convincing 1 or 2 specific users that your views are more valid than theirs is what causes the most issues. You have to accept that not all people are willing to alter their beliefs to suit you - and they have the freedom to hold those beliefs (short of soapboxing). Remember: many users read, but do not post, and may be interested in reading your opinions - so the opinion of 2 or 3 other prolific posters is rarely meaningful, and should neither be seen as a victory or a threat.
    • No Bigotry
      Meaning: no Antisemitism, Islamophobia, etc. - yes, while "The Jews" are the focus of many outlandish CTs, there are other places you can go elsewhere online to bemoan the ruling of the world by Jews or something. It doesn't further discussion in any meaningful way, and is just an outlet to hate on, or "Other," those of a different world view.

    There should be a reasonable give-and-take in terms of how strongly someone expresses a belief in the truth (or falsity) of something, and how others react to it. The goal here is open-minded, open-ended conversation, not derision and ridicule of contributors for asking questions or questioning information.

    Please remember that there are many forms of evidence. As well as cold hard facts, there is anecdotal evidence, circumstantial evidence, and any number of other things. Some people value these differently to others. Just because you don't find something to be convincing as evidence doesn't mean that it isn't evidence, nor that someone else can't find it convincing.

    Posting guidelines:

    The below chart used for reference. If you see posts that fall below the level of "counter-argument" (DH4) on this chart, do not respond - report.gif report it report.gif so we can determine if any action should be taken. These guidelines are here to provide all users equal breathing room to freely share their ideas and opinions without having to deal with trolling/cyberbullying.


    Always: any feedback, comments, suggestions, etc. about this Charter or the forum can be PM'd to the forum mods, posted to the feedback forum (if it is a large issue that does not fall under the Dispute Resolution Procedure), or as a new thread here with the [feedback] or [suggestion] tag in your thread title if it is a small issue you'd like to discuss among the forum regulars. Posting in this forum implies acceptance with this charter. If you do not agree with this charter, do not post, and submit feedback as warranted.

    Thank You for Reading!


  • Emphasis on respecting other posters, even (most especially) if you believe their viewpoint to be categorically false or flawed. CT is fundamentally about filtering through information to determine what is real and what is fake, and it is not constructive to attack others during that process.