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Handlebar grips and bull horns - Giant CRS 2.0

  • 29-04-2015 5:17pm
    Registered Users Posts: 87 ✭✭✭ fidero

    Hi guys,
    I was hoping to buy a set of new handlebar grips and possibly bull horns for my bike (Giant CRS 2.0). I took a rough measure of the diameter of the handlebar ends and they seem to be roughly 2cms. Will any handlebar grips and bull horns fit my bike or is there a specific type* that will fit it? I was possibly thinking get these, might they be compatible? I am open to suggestions!!


    P.S.: I already attempted a search for handbar grip but didn't find anything!!

    * tyres can be i.e. Presta or Sc....


  • pop down to lidl, much cheaper

  • Those ones are a mad price. Look up grips and bar ends on, there's a lot of combinations you can pick for far less than that.

    AFAIK, flat handlebars have a fairly standard diameter of 22mm at the grips, but someone might be able to correct me on that.

  • I have ergon gp 5 on my hybrid. They're a great bar end but expensive. Shop around. I got mine on ebay for about €30 from the US.

  • Hi guys,
    I got those Lidl grips and they seem the business so far!!

    Thanks again,