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Scavenger; Slugabed (Ninja Tune/Activia Beanz/UK) + MORE Grand Social Dublin 14th May

  • 28-04-2015 7:39pm
    Registered Users Posts: 4 scavengermusic

    SLUGABED (Ninja Tune/Activia Beanz/UK)

    Blending influences both classic and contemporary, from the outermost reaches of dubstep, hip hop and beyond, Slugabed has received unanimous praise for his debut album 'Time Time, released on the Ninja Tune label in May 2012.

    Under his Slugabed alias, Greg Feldwick creates music which is at once complex, deep, thoughtful and above all distinctive. It channels the energy of the best of today's bass music, through spacey bleeps and meditative melodies to explore the outermost reaches of electronic music making today.

    YOSI HORIKAWA (First Word Records/JP)

    Yosi Horikawa is a Japanese producer whose music truly deserves the adjective original.

    Whether it be birds chirping in the forest, the everyday sounds of a city or even the noises your kitchen utensils can make, everything has the potential to be turned into a song for Yosi.

    You can opt to lose yourself in the music or pay attention to the fascinating details that fly across the sonic spectrum, whichever way you’re in for a ride.

    TICKETS ARE HERE / Check out Eventbrite folks... >>>

    Support comes from KARA KARA

    Regular Resident DJ tunes with the likes of Brainfeeder, Hyperdub Records, Teklife, Planet Mu, Black Acre, Ninja Tune Official and Warp Records are of course included!

    DRINKS PROMOS also on the night!