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damascus steel

  • 22-04-2015 8:27pm
    Registered Users Posts: 494 ✭✭ vinnie13

    hi lads,i have been looking for a damascus steel knife for a while a see a few online just the blank and shape your own knife which i would really like doing,something with 5/6" blade lenght should do nice.

    has anyone got a damascus knife either pre made or diy?
    how did it preform again others knives?
    if you built it how did it do and what would you do different?


  • Registered Users Posts: 437 ✭✭ lostboy75

    never own or used one, for some reason they leave me cold?
    do not get the fascination with them, much prefer straight steel or stainless steel blade. i must get one though and give it a propper go.
    so with that said!
    i assume you don't mean "if you build it" as in make your own stock etc, its just the fitting of the handle.
    making your own handle should be fairly straight forward. and initially you could just do a paracord wrap on it, see how you get on with the blade itself.
    moving up then to your own handle wooden is the simplest, you could pratice on any bit of timber, but if you are intending to really use the knife i.e. not just messing with it about the house. you would need to chose the timber with more care as getting it wet, drying out etc can cause the epoxy to crack and the scales to loosen of the knife. there are many many options of material to make the handle from timber, antler, bone, micarta, (will come back to this one) stabilized timber some props and cons to them, but supplies are readily available on the bay, another site that gets great reviews is
    give it a look and see what looks interesting. any other questions there are plenty of tutorials on youtube, or i will answer if i can. another great place for information is there is a good sellers market there as well.
    micarta i havnt tried yet, as not sourced the resin, but will give you great options on what you can do with the handle. once the micarta is made you treat it just like any other material

    oh, and all the above was assuming it was a full tang blank, and not a stick tang. the latter would make its a little more complicated.