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What was the one thing that made you give up?

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    Closed Accounts Posts: 6 ✭✭✭ ToddUmptious

    Off the cigarettes for the best part of a month now and I wish I did it sooner. I was trying to figure out why exactly it took me so long to give up and what was the trigger that finally made me stop.

    For me it wasn't necessarily health issues or nagging from family, the main reason for me was having less and less disposable income to spend - when I think back to the amounts I spent each week on the fags it's crazy!!!


  • Birth of my second child was a milestone for me, made the decision there and then to cut out the fags. Use an ecig now and again if im out on the beer. It really helps to stop you smoking if drinking pints. Off them nearly 4 years and id say ive only smoked about 20 cigs max, none since i picked up the ecig late last year.

  • Woke up one day after a mad night out when me and a mate smoked about two or three packs between us in the space of ten hours (more or less). Felt horrible all day and kept smoking, though I wasn't getting any buzz out of it like before. Was having dinner that evening and lit a smoke after it but couldn't bring myself to finish it. Threw my pack of smokes in the bin and stopped right then.