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90's Musician's Greg

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    Hi all
    Does anyone have any information on a guy who released a few albums late in the 90's, if i remember right, he was heavily supported by FM104 for awhile. Went by the single name Greg, a deep voice, a bit trippy, very slow stuff.
    He popped into my head this evening, i had a tape of his back in the day but info online is minimal.


  • I remember there used to ads on rotation of Phantom for this guy.

    "Toy" the new album from Greg.

    Was it Toy? I can't quite recall.

  • Ha! I remember he used to give away his CDs for free on his website. You just gave your name and address and they posted them out to you. :pac: I got one or two myself. Not sure if I still have them or not. I don't really remember anything else about him though.

  • I found this post by searching for the exact phrase "'Toy': the new album from Greg".

    Of course I came here to find information, not to share it, cos the title track just popped into my head the other day.

    I might still have the album on CD!

  • I think I saw his CD in a shop in Carlow about a year ago! Dunno if it was the same Greg.

    Edit: A quick Google tells me that he runs his own computer business and that Jack L sang backing vocals on the album.

  • The cover of the "Stay" CD, think this MIGHT have been the one I saw in the shop in Carlow...

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