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Get me a car log

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    I am doing this log to give me tracking off my bets and profit/loss.

    I am going to start with a bankroll of £50 and hopefully not having to add to it at any stage.

    The reason for this is to get me a provisional license, my theory and practical test, a 2nd hand run around and a years worth of insurance. I will withdraw in bits when I have enough to pay for the bits as I go along, but always leaving at least the £50 starting amount.

    My bets will mostly be on football, horse racing and nfl plus 1 or 2 wee other ones.

    And if I think things are going wrong or starting to turn against me from a lead etc then I will cash out where possible.

    So with that being said

    BET 1

    £20 on Preston to beat Port Vale at 7/10

    Current balance £30