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Combiner War Gesalts - Any mods?

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    Hi guys,

    Was wondering if anyone has made any mods to the gesalts combiners as of yet?

    I have started on new feet for Superion. Still a WIP around the ankle section as I want to add a ball socket that can attach to the Aerialbots.

    All the parts are from the Robogear battle starter kit.

    Here are some photos of the feet attached, and some of the feet themselves as attachments (does anyone know how to post the pictures from my desktop directly into the post, can't find how for the life of me!)

    Enjoy and share some your your mods!


  • Looking good.
    Not a mod, but have you seen the Perfect Effect 3rd party kits? There's articulated feet and hands with individual fingers, as well as new head sculpts and chest panels for Menasor and Superion.

    See PC-01 to 04 from e. g. TFSource.

    Sadly, that'll cost you close to what the whole figure cost again after import.

  • I was looking at the Perfect Effect 3rd party kits. They do look excellent and are partly to blame for me doing my own mods on the feet. Also I blame the Radicon Custom section on TFW2005 too!

    I quite like the original chest piece on the CW Superion, mine does have a tendency to pop slightly open, so I may use magnets for a more secure hold. The head piece, depending on my mood, is a like/dislike matter. I would have preferred a mouth on him like his original toy, but the new head does match the IDW Superion so.... I dunno. I may take his head, make a cast of it and try to sculpt a mouth on the recast. I definitely want to replace those bendy antenna on his head.

    I saw on TFW2005 boards, someone use the original hands, cut the 'knuckledusters' off and separated the fingers. Looked really good, so I may try that one as well!