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how many ensembles orchestras choirs

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    Hi i am researching the classical market in Ireland for a college project i'm finding it very hard to find how many ensembles are in the country and there seems to be no organisational body or structure. can any help me make an educated guess or point me in the right direction of where to find this kind of info. Thanks. nick


  • Rte are the largest employers of musicians in Rep of Ireland:
    The RTE National Symphony Orch (about 90 members)

    The RTE Concert Orchesta (about 45 members)

    The RTE Contempo Quartet

    The Irish Chamber Orch based in Limerick is not 'full time' in the sense of the RTE orchestras but is a fully pro ensemble.

    Then there are other groups such as the Wexford Festival Orch, which are put together from freelance musicians.

    I suppose the National Chamber Choir and Anuna would be fully pro choirs.

    The Ulster Orchestra in Belfast.

    The Defence Forces would be the second largest employer of professional musicians in Ireland with 3 bands.

    Rte performing groups would tell you more

    The rest are amateur or semi-pro. I am open to a bit of correction or enhancement on this.

  • thanks Expunge. The irish youth orchestra festival has advertised 88 separate orchestras playing in the festival. i am waiting for the Association of Irish Choirs to get back to me but the woman i was talking to said it might be difficult to say. and the arts council has pointed me toward who they have funded. hopefully i can find who they didn't fund as well as it is probably a bigger list. it looks like nearly every county has an orchestra. it would make sense that some one should know this type of thing to help promote and encourage the industry professional and amateur.