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Suggestions for colours / CSS / design

  • 12-04-2015 8:48pm
    Registered Users Posts: 346 ✭✭ Some_randomer

    So I developed a simple site / app with the intention of learning Angular and some other recent technologies. It's basically a page where someone can add a url and others can comment on it.

    For the front end I used a Zurb Foundation template which is why it has the image place-holders and other links that I need to clean up. I got it up and running and it's hosted on Firebase which is kind of an online data store for json data:

    It all works reasonably well so far and is serving its purpose as a learning exercise. However my front end skills are atrocious and it looks horrible. I tried playing around with the CSS but I gave up as I realise that design just isn't my thing.

    Could anyone suggest a couple of css / design tricks or basic colours that might improve my sorry ass front end?