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Morals Are Optional - Fibbage Style Cards Against Humanity Clone

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    Hey Guys,

    If anyone was reading the More Controllers Please thread they would have seen I was working on this, but I've gotten to milestone with now as I have what I consider V1 complete.

    If you have played Fibbage, it works very similar to that. It runs on one device and all players connect into that device using their phones or tablets etc.

    So if you have never played cards against humanity, basically you flip a black card over and it will contain a statement with a blank space or a question. Each player needs to use one of the white cards, which contain a noun (some are more descriptive than others) in their deck to make up the funniest sentence
    The actual content of the CAH cards are CC0, so they are free to use, you just can't use the name.

    I've added the game to greenlight, and would really appreciate a vote on it! This link should open Steam on the correct URL

    You need at least 3 players to play, but I would appreciate any feedback you have on the game.

    Demo Links:

    Desktop Version
    Android Version

    Link to the codebase


  • Congrats on getting to GL : ) Voted, good luck on getting through!

  • I cant believe on Greenlight I have the power to delete comments! I wouldn't ever do it, but it seems fairly crazy that I could

  • Unfortunately I am unable to vote on Steam.
    But good luck with it.
    When you get the video up, it should be easier for people to get how it's played.
    I am still a little unsure still and like most players would not take the time to search fibbage.
    It looks like a trivia game to me so far.
    Interesting idea using the mobiles.
    I added to favourites anyway, so i might be checking back some time to see how it goes :)

  • Odd update on this, completely out of the blue yesterday I got an email to say it has been greenlit! I hadn't even thought about the game in quite some time!

    No uptick in number of votes or anything, very random.

    So with that I'm going to revisit it. I'm going to rewrite the game in nodejs, its more a webapp than a game so using game libraries doesn't really make sense. I'm also more of an app developer than a game developer, so may as well stick to what I know

  • Steam developer!

    I'd love to check this out but my Home computer is ded :(

    Once it's alive again I'll give this a good look! we do games night regularly with friends so always on the lookout for new games :)

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