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Is Romania Super Liga the next big european championship?

  • 19-03-2015 12:13am
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    This professional championship was only created in 2011 (= 16 years after the professionalism in Rugby) and is each year stronger. The season begins at the end of March until November, because the weather

    Good bye Bucharest Wolves
    From the next season, the current Romanian champion (currently Baia Mare) will replace Bucharest Wolves. Bucharest Wolves began a joke, This season, most of the players in line ups were uncapped, they were a lot of changes each games, the team started their training camp one week before the first game and Timisoara, in trouble with the romanian federation, refused to release their 9 players selected.
    To play in Challenge Cup next year, Baia Mare have to win in home/away knock out games the winner of Enisey-STM (Russia) and Mogliano (Italy)

    +30k seats stadiums
    Since 2013, Cluj plays home games in the Cluj Arena (UEFA Elite 5 star stadium) while Timisoara plays in Dan Paltinisanu Stadium (33k seats) since last year

    there are many foreigners in this championship, most of them from Pacific Islands. Some players are capped by Tonga, Fiji, Samoa, USA, Namibia and even one player capped by All Blacks. There are also players from Currie Cup, ITM Cup

    There are sevens teams because a club need at least 1M€ to play the Super Liga. Some clubs claims a budget between 2M€ and 3M€.

    First squads announced :

    CSM Baia Mare
    Props|Mihai Dico (Bucharest Wolves)
    |Florin Gorun
    |Catalin Pastrama
    |Marius Pocris
    |Constantin Pristavita (13 caps)
    |Ionut Stan (Calvisano Academy)
    |Silviu Suciu (1 cap)
    Hookers|Florin Bardasu
    |Alexandru Oancea (1 cap)
    |Paul Rusu (Bucharest Wolves)
    Locks|Paul Ailenei (Bucharest Wolves)
    |Marius Danila (1 cap)
    |Ionut Hristache
    |Johan Van Heerden (Sth Africa, Griffons Currie Cup)
    Backrow|Razvan Ailenei (Bucharest Wolves)
    |Teodor Buzatu
    |Constantin Ene (Bucharest Wolves)
    |Sean Morrell (1 cap for Fiji, ex Canterbury)
    |Kuselo Moyake (South Africa, Eastern Province Currie Cup)
    |Cristian Stoica
    Scrumhalves|Nigel Genia (Australia, Queensland Reds A)
    |Bidzina Samkharadze (61 caps for Georgia)
    Flyhalves|Daniel Cubas
    |George Oprea
    |Mike Wiringi (NZ, Bucharest Wolves)
    Centres|Cristian Dinis-Vartic (15 caps)
    |Sione Faka'osilea (Tonga 7's)
    |John Leiataua (Australia, Parramatta Shute Shield)
    |Sioeli Nau (Tonga)
    Wingers|Ionut Botezatu (23 caps)
    |Georgel Catuna (2 caps)
    |Giorgio Phillips (Australia Schoolboys)
    |Ioan Pop
    |Keegan Shefton (Australia)
    Fullbacks|Alexandru Bucur
    |Taniela Rawaqa (17 caps for Fiji, ex ProD2)
    |Luke Samoa (Australia, Bucharest Wolves)

    Timisoara Saracens

    Props|Sione Halalilo (Tonga U20)
    |Sami Maris (6 caps, ProD2)
    |Gigi Militaru (Bucharest Wolves)
    |Manasa Saulo (17 caps for Fiji)
    |Alexandru Tarus (5 caps)
    |Sione Taupaki (Tonga)
    Hookers|Eugen Capatana (18 caps)
    |Marian Gorcioaia (1 cap)
    |Bogdan Neacsu
    Locks|Marian Drenceanu (1 cap)
    |Dorin Lazar (5 caps)
    |Valentin Poparlan (44 caps)
    Backrow|Stelian Burcea (48 caps)
    |Daniel Ianus (13 caps)
    |Randall Morrison (South Africa - ex MTM Lions)
    |Ionut Muresan
    |Lemeki Nabelei Davu (Fiji)
    |Vasile Rus (13 caps)
    |Laurentiu Tanase
    Scrumhalves|Valentin Calafeteanu (69 caps)
    |Eduard Ciaparii
    |Victor Dumitru
    Flyhalves|Hayden O'Donnell (NZ)
    |Jody Rose (South Africa U19, ex Lions Currie Cup)
    Centres|Sosene Anesi (1 cap for NZ, Chiefs, Waratahs)
    |Tangimana Fonovai (Tonga)
    |Paula Kinikinilau (Tonga, ex Otago ITM Cup)
    |Jack Umaga (NZ, Tasman ITM Cup)
    Wingers|Madalin Lemnaru (26 caps)
    |Viliami Moala (Tonga 7's)
    |Stephen Shennan (NZ)
    |Daniel Zaharia
    Fullbacks|Gabriel Conache (3 caps)
    |Ben Sefanaia (Australia 7's, Western Force)


  • Registered Users Posts: 1,758 ✭✭✭RedemptionZ

    Looking at those stats it seems they have the same problems Georgia have, ie. huge surplus of forwards particularly front rows and not enough backs.

    May well be the next biggest championship in Europe, but the next 'big' championship I'm not sure. While those stadiums look half full at best, I suppose considering the age of the competition it's still pretty impressive.
    Certainly there is potential for rugby to become the second most played team sport in a lot of that part of Europe. Do you know how popular rugby is in youth teams in Romania?

    Interesting thread anywhom, interested to hear what some of the more knowledgeable posters than myself have to say about it.

  • Registered Users Posts: 12,611 ✭✭✭✭errlloyd

    Great post Croket. 7 professional teams would be ambitious in Ireland, but if there are enough fans then why not. I think using an actual team in Europe will benefit them in the long run. Is it fee to air televised?

  • Registered Users Posts: 251 ✭✭croket

    Sorry for my english, I meant the 4th big championship in Europe (with Top14, Premiership and Pro12)

    Results of young romanian teams are pretty bad, suprisingly

    Each day of the championship, one game is on the national TV, and another on a local TV

    More squads :
    CSM Bucharest, probably the strongest team this year
    Props|Constantin Dumitru
    |Alex Gordas (ex Worcester)
    |Kamil Sobota
    |Heroshi Tea (5 caps for Samoa)
    |George Tudor
    |Irakli Ulumbelashvili (Georgia)
    |Silviu Vasiliu (Bucharest Wolves)
    Hookers|Catalin Beca (6 caps)
    |Nichita Iacob
    |Sefo Sakalia (Tonga A, U20)
    Locks|Andrei Mitroi
    |Cosmin Ratiu (35 caps)
    |Andrei Romanov (Moldovan international)
    |Junior Taavili (Australia, ex Randwick Shute Shield)
    Backrow|Daniel Carpo (50 caps)
    |Adrian Ion (2 caps)
    |Laurentiu Melinte
    |Alexandru Mitu (8 caps)
    |Nathan Paila (Australia, ex Randwick Shute Shield)
    |Dragos Vasile
    |Robert Vasile
    Scrumhalves|Vali Ivan (9 caps)
    |Florin Surugiu (46 caps)
    |Alexandru Tigla
    |Philip Tuigamala (Samoa 7's)
    Flyhalves|Alexandru Neaga
    |Jonetani Ralulu (17 caps for Fiji)
    |Jeff Taljard (South Africa, ex Border Bulldogs, Currie Cup)
    Centres|Alexandru Beldean
    |Atelea Otaki (Tonga 7's)
    |Alfred Paea (Tonga A)
    |Johnny Sola (NZ)
    |Andrew Suniula (33 caps for USA, London Wasps)
    Wingers|Jack Cobden (England U20, Nottingham Championship)
    |Marian Ispir
    |Mateo Malupo (4 caps for Tonga, Tasman ITM Cup)
    |Lasarusa Tabu (Fiji A, U20)
    Fullbacks|Tiberiu Conache (Bucharest Wolves)
    |Siale Fahiua (2 caps for Tonga)
    |Daniel Statulescu (Bucharest Wolves)

    U Cluj, they finished on the bottom of the league last year but they made interesting signings like Bogdan Balan (+80 Top14 games), Belguidoum (ProD2) and Gal (78 caps)
    Props|Bogdan Balan (29 caps, ex Lyon Top14)
    |Romulus Boar (3 caps)
    |Andrei Han
    |Paul Petucher
    |Bogdan Salagean
    |Alexandru Telesa
    Hookers|Levan Genebashvili (Georgia U19)
    |Daniel Gheta
    |Istok Totic (serbian international)
    Locks|Andrei Diaconu
    |Vlad Rotar
    |Nicolae Rus (1 cap)
    Backrow|Claudiu Curca
    |Stefan Dordevic (serbian international)
    |Daniel Kadar
    |Cristian Murgoci
    |Vlad Toma
    Scrumhalves|Nicu Ignea
    |Cristian Podea (9 caps)
    Flyhalves|Ionut Dimofte (65 caps)
    |Ovidiu Melniciuc
    Centres|Alexandru Banu
    |Mohamed Belguidoum (France U19, ex Albi ProD2)
    |Csaba Gal (78 caps)
    |Adrian Mazare
    |Andrei Nistor
    |Valentin Rosu
    Wingers|Ovidiu Butoieru
    |Leimoni Moala (Tonga)
    |Vasile Paraschiv
    |McGrath Van Wyk (9 caps for Namibia)
    Fullbacks|Taniela Halafihi (Tonga)
    |Ionut Mazare

  • Registered Users Posts: 37,978 ✭✭✭✭irishbucsfan

    Personally I would love to see a combined championship in Eastern Europe (something like Russia/Georgia/Romania), unfortunately the costs would be just too high for it to work, they don't have the benefit of geographical proximity that we do.

  • Moderators, Sports Moderators Posts: 26,886 Mod ✭✭✭✭Podge_irl

    croket wrote: »
    Sorry for my english, I meant the 4th big championship in Europe (with Top14, Premiership and Pro12)

    I would imagine that would be the local Italian league.

    Still though it's good to see a proper structure in Romania and national TV coverage is pretty impressive.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 7,018 ✭✭✭Bridge93

    Who's the ex-All Black playing in Romania?

  • Registered Users Posts: 17,802 ✭✭✭✭bilston

    Interesting read and great to hear. Rugby seems fairly popular in parts of Eastern Rugby, Romania, Georgia and Russia seem to have a lot of growth potential and it would be great to see some of their domestic teams competing in the Champions Cup in the future. Granted that is a way off but it must be a goal for all concerned.

  • Registered Users Posts: 251 ✭✭croket

    Bridge93 wrote: »
    Who's the ex-All Black playing in Romania?

    Sosene Anesi

  • Registered Users Posts: 251 ✭✭croket

    For those who are interested,

    CSM Baia Mare : Lascar Ghinet (2 500 seats)

    Timisoara Saracens : Dan Paltinisanu (32 000 seats)

    CSM Bucarest : Arcul de Triumf (5 500 seats)

    Steaua Bucarest : Ghencea II (3 000 seats)

    U Cluj : Cluj Arena (30 000 seats)

    CS Dinamo Bucarest : Florea Dumitrache (1 500 seats)

    And 2015 squads
    CSM Baia Mare
    BW = uncapped by played for Bucharest Wolves in European Challenge Cup

    Timisoara Saracens

    CSM Bucarest

    Steaua Bucarest

    U Cluj

    CS Dinamo Bucarest

    You can follow results and table on :

    and on it's rugby :

  • Registered Users Posts: 811 ✭✭✭dave13

    Interesting to see Will Genia's little brother playing for CSM Baia Mare. Wonder what the wage scales are like?

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  • Registered Users Posts: 251 ✭✭croket

    About 5000€ or 6000€ per month
    Some foreign players or romanian stars earn more.
    Most romanian players receive less
    I read some tongans accept lower salaries than the romanians, that's why there are so many tongans in the championship (28).

    To play in Super Liga, a club must have at least 1M€. I read Timisoara's budget is about 2.5M€, I guess this season CSM Bucharest will have the biggest budget, considering they signed 23 players (Suniula, Ralulu, Tea, Carpo, Vlaicu, Malupo, Paea and many more). They also created an U23 to play in second division and signed some young tongan players (Togia, Tooa, Taufui, Lama) to play for this second team. Steaua Bucharest also created a U23 team in second division.

  • Registered Users Posts: 37,978 ✭✭✭✭irishbucsfan

    5000 euro per month goes a very long way in Romania. That's an impressive salary, I'm very surprised the clubs are paying that much. In terms of purchasing power 5000 per month in Romania would be like living in Dublin on 150k-200k per year.

  • Moderators, Sports Moderators Posts: 26,886 Mod ✭✭✭✭Podge_irl

    5000 euro per month goes a very long way in Romania.

    5/6000€ a month would go a pretty decent distance here! That's a very good salary, surprised it's that high tbh.

  • Registered Users Posts: 251 ✭✭croket

    After looking more information, 5000€/month is for top players (I guess like Anesi or Suniula)

    A foreign player with a strong CV (caps, ITM Cup, Currie Cup etc) or a good romanian international can earn 3500€/month

    The lower salaries are about 800€/month (often romanians with a poor game time and some tongans with a weak CV). Still better than the romanian average salary

  • Registered Users Posts: 45,433 ✭✭✭✭thomond2006

    What would be an average attendance at Super Liga matches?

  • Registered Users Posts: 37,978 ✭✭✭✭irishbucsfan

    Podge_irl wrote: »
    5/6000€ a month would go a pretty decent distance here! That's a very good salary, surprised it's that high tbh.

    Yeah, it would be a nice salary anywhere, I'm just thinking in terms of professional rugby players!

  • Registered Users Posts: 251 ✭✭croket

    What would be an average attendance at Super Liga matches?

    Attendance is usually low
    From last week :
    Baia Mare - CSM Bucharest : 1 500
    Timisoara - Steaua : 1 000 (surprising considering they had usually 3 000 spectators, but the game was played on sunday at 11 am)
    Dinamo - Cluj : unknown, but maybe few hundred?

  • Registered Users Posts: 8,229 ✭✭✭LeinsterDub

    croket wrote: »

    Timisoara Saracens

    They not ibf's favourite team but they there are their Romainian cousins

  • Registered Users Posts: 8,229 ✭✭✭LeinsterDub

    croket wrote: »
    Attendance is usually low
    From last week :
    Baia Mare - CSM Bucharest : 1 500
    Timisoara - Steaua : 1 000 (surprising considering they had usually 3 000 spectators, but the game was played on sunday at 11 am)
    Dinamo - Cluj : unknown, but maybe few hundred?

    Reminds me of the early days of the pro 12 /celtic league as it was then

  • Registered Users Posts: 14,967 ✭✭✭✭The Lost Sheep

    Romanian Union are great for putting up clips of games on youtube.

    Timisoara Saracens and CSM Olimpia Bucuresti drew 12-12. game can be seen below

    Hopefully we'll soon see Baia Mare and the other top sides improve and start competing in challenge cup...

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  • Registered Users Posts: 45,433 ✭✭✭✭thomond2006

    It would be good if we see more November internationals in these countries. If World Rugby agreed to (part) fund it, maybe we should see a Wolfhounds or Saxons side against the likes of Georgia or Romania in November?

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,442 ✭✭✭its_phil

    Romanian Union are great for putting up clips of games on youtube.

    Timisoara Saracens and CSM Olimpia Bucuresti drew 12-12. game can be seen below

    Hopefully we'll soon see Baia Mare and the other top sides improve and start competing in challenge cup...

    Timisora Saracens? Already hate them :pac:

  • Registered Users Posts: 337 ✭✭ulster_Beef

    dave13 wrote: »
    Interesting to see Will Genia's little brother playing for CSM Baia Mare. Wonder what the wage scales are like?

    He may pray he doesn't run into Steven Ferris' Romanian cousin

  • Registered Users Posts: 337 ✭✭ulster_Beef

    Romanian Union are great for putting up clips of games on youtube.

    Timisoara Saracens and CSM Olimpia Bucuresti drew 12-12. game can be seen below


    Looks like Bath vs Saracens to me

  • Registered Users Posts: 251 ✭✭croket

    There are some Super Liga players in RWC extented squads :

    Manasa Saulo (prop, Timisoara)
    Malakai Ravulo (flanker, Steaua)
    Nemia Kenatale (scrumhalf, Steaua)

    Sosefo Sakalia (hooker, CSM Bucharest)

    Andrew Suniula (centre, CSM Bucharest)

    Eugene Jantjies (scrumhalf, CS Dinamo)

    And 33 players from the 50-man romanian squad

    In other news, some summer transfers :

    Timisoara Saracens signed australian winger Tom Cox. He was in the Brumbies squad between 2012 and 2014 but failed to make a Super Rugby appearance. However, he played for the Brumbies in a friendly against Wales and also played for Combined Country vs British & Irish Lions. Capped by Australian Universities he also played the World Club Sevens with the Brumbies and was in the Rebels training squad last season.
    Timisoara also signed romanian international hooker Andrei Radoi (28 years old, 44 caps). Radoi played last 2 seasons for the english club Ealing Trailfinders, the team played RFU Championship in 2013-2014 and Radoi made 11 appearances (10 games started). He also played 21 Challenge Cup games with Bucharest Wolves.

    The current champions Baia Mare signed australian flanker Tim Buchanan. He played 1 game for Queensland Reds (against Western Force) in 2014 and holds the NRC trophy with Brisbane City. He also played few months in USA for San Francisco Golden Gate and was named University of Queensland - Player of the Year in 2013 and 2014. The club also signed 3 young forwards capped by Romania U18 : Cristi Chirica, Andrei Iurea and Ovidiu Cojocaru.

    CSM Bucharest lost 3 players : international hooker Otar Turashvili signed for Colomiers in ProD2 while fijian international flyhalf Jonetani Ralulu (signed for Chambery) and australian centre Keith Masima (joined Rhône Ovalie) will play in Federale1.

    There aren't a lot of transfers during the summer because the romanian season goes from March to October

  • Registered Users Posts: 251 ✭✭croket

    First games of the season in Romania last week, with quarters finals of King's Cup 
    Results : 
    Gloria Buzau 19-52 Timisoara Saracens
    Tomitanii Constanta 5-67 Stiinta Baia Mare
    Universitatea Cluj 21-45 Steaua Bucuresti
    Dinamo Bucuresti 9-42 CSM Bucuresti

    Here are all squads of Super Liga teams :

    Props : Mesake Doge (FIJ, 1 cap) - Sione Halalilo (TON) - Sami Maris (6 caps) - Gigi Militaru (3 caps) - Horatiu Pungea (30 caps) - Sione Taupaki (TON)
    Hookers : Eugen Capatana (34 caps) - Marian Sabau - Andrei Radoi (70 caps)
    Locks : Marian Drenceanu (4 caps) - Marius Iftimiciuc - Dorin Lazar (16 caps) - Ionut Muresan (3 caps) - Valentin Poparlan (75 caps)
    Backrow : Randall Morrison (1 cap) - Vlad Neculau - Vasile Rus (14 caps) - Michael Stewart (NZL) - George Tatarus - Thomas Whitehurst (ENG)
    Scrumhalves : Kevin Luiters (SAF) - Gabriel Rupanu
    Flyhalves : Jody Rose (12 caps) - Luke Samoa (5 caps)
    Centres : Marius Istoc - John Leiataua (AUS) - Tevita Manumua (TON) - Florin Popa (5 caps) - Jack Umaga (18 caps)
    Wingers : Madalin Lemnaru (35 caps) - Viliami Moala (TON) - Stephen Shennan (17 caps) - Vlad Zaharia
    Fullbacks : Gabriel Conache (3 caps) - Catalin Fercu (103 caps) - Marius Simionescu (6 caps)

    Props : Mihai Dico (5 caps) - Waisea Nailago (FIJ, 9 caps) - Nika Pataraia (GEO) - Constantin Pristavita (32 caps) - Paul Rusu (4 caps) - Silviu Suciu (1 cap)
    Hookers : Ovidiu Cojocaru (2 caps) - Alexandru Colev (MDA, 6 caps) - Domitian Muresan - Madalin Tala
    Locks : Paul Ailenei - Marius Danila (1 cap) - Andrei Iurea (1 cap) - Dumani Mtya (SAF) - Florian Rosu - Vlad Visan
    Backrow : Razvan Ailenei (3 caps) - Alexandru Alexe - Teodor Buzatu - Cristian Chirica (4 caps) - Constantin Ene - Feofaaki Holoia (TON) - Sean Morrell (FIJ, 1 cap)
    Scrumhalves : Bidzina Samkharadze (GEO, 61 caps) - Alexandru Tigla (1 cap)
    Flyhalves : Taniela Rawaqa (FIJ, 17 caps)
    Centres : Ionut Balaban (1 cap) - Mike Doneghan (SCO) - Sione Fakaosilea (13 caps) - Kvicha Jgerenaia (GEO) - Sergiu Lucaciu
    Wingers : Adrian Apostol (27 caps) - Jone Nasalo (FIJ) - Mihai Lamboiu - Taliauli Sikuea (TON)
    Fullbacks : Ionut Botezatu (34 caps) - Alexandru Bucur

    : Vlad Badalicescu (7 caps) - Andrei Florescu - Ciprian Lucaci - Marius Lungu - Nicolae Nere (18 caps)
    Hookers : Tudor Butnariu - Cristi Cornei Pana - Sakalia Sosefo (TON, 5 caps) 
    Locks : Mikheil Archuashvili (GEO) - Bogdan Doroftei - Alexandru Grigore - Marcel Rusu - Marian Soana
    Backrow : Viorel Lucaci (64 caps) - Kuselo Moyake (4 caps) - Damian Stratila - Eseria Vueti (FIJ)
    Scrumhalves : Julien Bartoli (FRA) - Grigoras Diaconescu (1 cap) - Florin Surugiu (70 caps)
    Flyhalves : Tudor Boldor - Dan Dumbrava (73 caps) - Daniel Plai
    Centres : Robert Dascalu (51 caps) - Florin Ionita (22 caps) - Dennis Perju (1 cap)
    Wingers : Eduard Bencea - Ionut Dumitru (33 caps) - Robert Neagu (2 caps) - Alexandru Porojan
    Fullbacks : Ionel Melinte - Sabin Stratila (4 caps)

    : Vasile Balan - Omar Baliashvili (GEO) - Alexandru Gordas (12 caps) - Iulian Hartig - Marius Pocris - Alexandru Savin
    Hookers : Florin Bardasu (3 caps) - Makefu Tongia (TON)
    Locks : Andrei Bucurescu - Davit Gigauri (GEO) - Stefan Iancu - Kamil Sobota - Andrei Toader
    Backrow : Stelian Burcea (71 caps) - Jarrid Els (GER, 18 caps) - Adrian Ion (2 caps) - Alexandru Mitu (8 caps) - Dragos Ser
    Scrumhalves : Tudorel Bratu (8 caps) - Valentin Calafeteanu (97 caps) - George Croitoru
    Flyhalves : Daniel Faasen (SAF) -  George Oprea - Hagen Schulte (GER, 3 caps)
    Centres :  Catalin Prunaru - Tangimana Fonovai (12 caps)- Moa Maliepo (TON)  - Jason Tomane (NZL) - Florin Vlaicu (111 caps)
    Wingers : Jack Cobden (3 caps) - Stefan Cucos - Cosmin Iliuta - Marian Ispir (1 cap) - Nicolas Onutu (2 caps)
    Fullbacks : Florentin Ion - Sioeli Lama (TON) 

    : Daniel Bumbac - Dragos Dumitrescu - Cosmin Manole (1 cap) - Florin Matusa - George Tudor
    Hookers : Merab Matkava (GEO) - Madalin Vintila
    Locks : Dragos Doru - Keegan May (SAF) - Andrei Mitroi
    Backrow : Silviu Gradinaru - George Iacob - Ionut Simion - Andi Radu
    Scrumhalves : Andrei Dinu - Valentin Ivan (9 caps) - Antonio Savu
    Flyhalves : Hendrick Mulder (SAF) - Cristian Onofrei 
    Centres : Silviu Budileanu - John Esterhuizen (SAF) - Divan Ferguson (SAF) - Florin Tataranu
    Wingers : Adrian Barbuliceanu (7 caps) - Andrei Pascu  - Shaun Prins (SAF)
    Fullbacks : Ovidiu Sarpe - Alexandru Tudose

    : Alexandru Bertalan - Romulus Boar - Daniel Gheta (HUN, 1 cap) - Cristian Murgoci - Laurentiu Nica - Gabriel Podea - Alexandru Telesa - Silviu Vasiliu (2 caps)
    Hookers : Dan Bagacean  - Razvan Barladeanu - Darius Placintar
    Locks : Vlad Coroian - Vlad Rotar - Vincent Lointier (FRA)
    Backrow : Claudiu Curca - Vlad Toma - Dragos Vasile
    Scrumhalves : Eduard Ciapari - Andrei Ballok - Vladut Bocanet - Cristian Podea (9 caps)
    Flyhalves : Ionut Mazare - Ovidiu Melniciuc (3 caps)
    Centres : Alexandru Banu - Mohamed Belguidoum (ALG, 8 caps) - Gsaba Gal (88 caps) - Bogdan Toma
    Wingers : Tiberiu Both - Georgel Catuna (2 caps) - Paul Herman - Petrica Mihalache - Ciprian Straja
    Fullbacks : Daniel Barna - Cristian Sauan (44 caps)

    : Madalin Baraulea (3 caps) - Victor Galanton (MDA) - Bogdan Neacsu - Paul Petucher - George Popa - Cosmin Rosu - Enghin Sali - Florin Sasu - Alberto Tutunea
    Hookers : Ionut Melecciu - Claudiu Pelin
    Locks : Ionut Macoveanu - Petre Neacsu - Cornel Tatu (12 caps) - Emmanuel Zaharia-Pincincu
    Backrow : Mario Arvinte - Elvis Ciorbac - Jean Don - Mihai Tabus  
    Scrumhalves : Victor Dumitru - Andrei Homiuc - Madalin Mihalache - Ion Sacara
    Flyhalves : Dragos Burlacu - Sabin Cretu 
    Centres : Codrin Bercu - Ardash Darboev (GEO) - Claudiu Mihai - Sebastian Sirbu - Johnny Sola (NZL)
    Wingers : Ionut Coman - Giorgi Gigauri (GEO) - Ionita Nistor - Adrian Paraleste
    Fullbacks : Damien Buffard (FRA) - Mihai Pocovnicu

    : Vladut Anghel - Tsotne Darchia (GEO) - Valentin Matache - George Matase - Ionut Platon - Ruslan Dorogan (MDA, 11 caps) - Catalin Zarnea
    Hookers : Cristian Ionescu - George Moise - Ian Oosthuizen (SAF)
    Locks : Sorin Cosereanu - Dorin Botan (MDA, 4 caps) - Petro Kobylianski (UKR) - Oleg Shevchenko (UKR, 1 cap)
    Backrow : Nicu Baboiu - Alexandru Gealapu - Niko Moa (TON) - Robert Murariu - Malafu Puniani (TON)
    Scrumhalves : Alexandru Afloare - Mihai Golubenco (MDA, 20 caps)
    Flyhalves : Paula Folau (TON) - Vlad Leica
    Centres : Mihail Boian (MDA, 3 caps) - Florin Curcan  - Michael Sheepers (SAF) - Stefan Stefaroi
    Wingers : Marian Lupu - Atelea Moa (TON) - Florin Neagu
    Fullbacks : Alexandru Bisceanu - Alexandru Craciun

  • Registered Users Posts: 8,229 ✭✭✭LeinsterDub

    In the 3 years since you first posted would you say the league has improved? If so how much and is it improving faster or slower than you expected?

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    Can’t say I’ll be watching a whole lot of the Romanian league but I am forever grateful to this thread for informing me of the incredibly named Romulus Boar.

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    In the 3 years since you first posted would you say the league has improved? If so how much and is it improving faster or slower than you expected?
    Slower than expected...

    In fact most of these teams are working thanks to the money from local authorities. And, past seasons a lot of theses team lived beyond their means

    Four years ago, Judet of Constanta was pinned for money laundering and had to stop to give money to every sports teams of the city, so Farul Constanta disapeared even if they were a contender to win the championship. The team included fijian internationals Kenatale, Ravulo and Ralulu, samoan capped Chrichton, Namibia's captain Eugene Jantjies and few South Africans, Australians and NZ players.

    Since, Tomitanii Constanta, a junior club, created a senior team and started in third division, they won last season the DNS (2d division) and are promoted in Super Liga. But they signed only 3 players from CSM Bucuresti, 1 from Steaua and 2 young georgians backs.

    Same problem last year with Poli Iasi. The municipality stopped their funding and Poli Iasi withdraw.
    The Gloria Buzau, also promoted this season, looks more framed. The team refused to be promoted until this season because they wanted to build a strong plan. They signed tongan A internationals (Puniani , A.Moa, Folau) another tongan (Niko Moa), saffa Ian Oosthuizen from Boland Cavaliers, a moldovan international prop and a georgian prop, and 8 romanians.

    Current champions Timisoara Saracens had also problems of funding from municipality last season, fortunately for them they have a sugarbaby and some strong sponsors. However, they loss a lot of important players : Ionel Badiu (international prop, played in french ProD2); Chris Apoua (prop, Southland); James Doyle (backrow, played for Sale Sharks and Jersey); Daniel Ianus (international backrow); Kefu Ikamanu (backrow,); Henry Seniloli (international fijian scrumhalf, played for Treviso); Lotter Pretorius (south african scrumhalf); Stefano Hunt (flyhalf, played Super Rugby for Reds); Brian Sefanaia (centre, Australia 7's); Fonovai Tangimana (international winger); Will Helu (international tongan winger, played for Wasps and Edinburgh) . They signed only one player : backrow Tom Whitehurst from Esher and promoted few players from academy. Even if the team still as strong as needed for Super Liga, they can be smashed in EPCR Challenge Cup.

    International Olympic Committee member Octavian Morariu is working hard to build a very credible project for CSM Bucuresti. Three years ago, CSM Bucuresti was really impressive but then lost about 25 important players because of funding problems. Now, Morariu wants to build a really strong team but, with a slower project but much more stronger financially.

    So, obviously, the team are not stronger than they were 3 years ago but from this season 2 good news
    - Teams are looking for better funding, and they do not live beyond their means (so less chances to disapeared)
    - From this season, Super Liga gets 8 professional teams (7 last season, 6 three years ago)

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