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The Great Boards Re-Organisation and C&H

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    In case any of you have missed it, there's a discussion going on here: about Boards and recategorisation. It's being proposed that C&H is moved into the new category of Society & Culture, but there can also be a decent argument made for it to be put in Social & Fun. So, we're throwing it out to ye all. Vote on the poll which category you think it should be in, and we'll propose that up the food chain.

    Can't promise it'll happen, but we'll do our best! Poll's open till half seven next Friday, so vote early, vote often.

    Which category should C&H go into? 1 vote

    Society and Culture
    0% 0 votes
    Social and Fun
    100% 1 vote


  • Like I said on the discussion thread (and in fact what I've been saying for as long as this category re-org has been on the table), C&H is a social forum. I don't even think it's straddling the line between the categories tbh, I think it's firmly in the Social side.

    Now, I know a lot of you might be thinking "Meh, shur what difference does it make anyway?", but in reality it can make a difference into the sorts of posters the forum attracts just from overspill from other forums.

  • The good thing about this forum is that there's a tradition of very mature discussion about societal issues every so often, interspersed nicely with the social threads and silliness. That won't have to change just because the Category titles are being updated a bit.

    The same discussions could run parallel in different forums in Society & Culture too with, for example, more academic references or an older demographic of posters.

    This place was originally proposed as something like a "junior" After Hours, modelled on the tongue-in-cheek fun atmosphere of Beer Guts & Receding Hairlines. I think it'll keep going fine along those lines. :)

  • This re-organisation could mean more people stumbling upon our little little forum and hopefully that will bring more regular posters :)