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Key pocket

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    Bought a wetsuit over the weekend, cskins react, 5-4-3,....there's supposed to be a key pocket on it (little cardboard key label, and everywhere I look online has it listed as a feature)...... But I can't find it.

    It wasn't pointed out as a feature in the shop by the salesman, I've looked 3 times all over, and can't see anything that would be the key pocket.

    If anyone has one of these I'd appreciate directions, possibly a detailed map on how to find it...

    This is it


  • I have an O'neills suit that had a little cardboard tag just like you described, I asked somebody about it and they said it was the little pouch on my leg, it doesn't have a zip or anything!
    Some of the more expensive suits apparently have a zip pocket, there is not a chance I would put my car key in the pocked so I clip it onto a piece of string and put it under my rashie and suit,

  • I'm not that bothered about it having the key pocket, it's just very confusing that I can't find it, when everything says that there is one there.
    Checked all over both legs, inside and out - not a sign of it.
    I have to conclude that it doesn't have one, unless someone can point it out

  • No slit in the leg at the calf?

    O'Neills have pockets but C-skins just a slit from what I've seen

  • I have a C-Skins Wired (few years old now though) and the key pocket is a slit on the calf.

  • No slit that I can see anywhere, and I've stuck my hand up the leg and felt for it looked it all over twice.... It just isn't there.

    I'll just have to store the key elsewhere.

    I'm considering emailing the company, just to find out

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  • .50 (MOA) wrote: »
    ... and I've stuck my hand up the leg and felt for it looked it all over twice.t

    On the outside?

  • I checked the inside and outside - it's irrelevant now anyway .... It isn't there..... I emailed cskins ; there isn't a key pocket on this suit, they were worried about durability, and decided to remove it, but not in time to adjust the paperwork.

  • just get some string an put it around your neck and tuck it into the suit. Or see if there is one on your leash