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Just had my last cigarette!

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    Hi All

    I've been a smoker for the last 20 years, about 15 a day. I really regret starting smoking but to be honest this year is the first time I have really wanted to give up.

    2 of my uncles passed away in the last year and another is seriously ill and I have had 2 aborted attempts to give up.

    I am trying to go cold turkey. About 2 months ago I registered on, would set a date forto give up - didn't even last a day.

    So really want to give it a proper go this time, but seem to be lacking in will power. I usually have great willpower once I put my mind to something, but just doesn't seem to apply when I try to give up smoking

    Would appreciate any tips


  • ok in 40 minutes i will be off cigarettes 1 day. the cravings are really bad.. help!!

  • Drink some water.

  • How is it going? Im off them 4 days now, My previous attempt was 9 months. Actually finding it harder this time around for some reason,

  • day 2 here, not really feeling bad, just putting it out of my mind for 10 mins when i think of them.
    My lungs were really starting to hurt, so I think that I can still feel that,
    so hence the no desire to smoke atm, all that could change tomorrow.
    I made a rule, if i did not have a smoke when i wake, then none for the rest of the day
    but if i want one tomorrow i can have one
    Im thinking for me its all just mind above matter.
    so how are you doing ?

  • Have you tried e cigs with a low nicotine?

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  • Read Easyway to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr. My husband and I used this method to stop nearly six years ago and have never looked back. Just remember, you're not actually 'giving up' anything. Good luck.

  • I'm off them 3 weeks now myself... trying to occupy yourself for 10 mins or so till craving passes is a great idea... also I find it helpful to just go walk around outside for a few minutes and the fresh air seems to help.

    I found day 1 and 2 totally grand but oh my god day 3 and 4 kicked my ass with mood swings... the first two weeks were up and down in terms of difficulty but today I was able to sit with a group of smokers on a lunch break and was absolutely fine...

    YOU CAN DO IT... focus on your reasons for quitting... if you kept your ciggies in a specific pocket maybe replace it with a small picture or note of the reason you are quitting in case you find the urge too much... read the Alan Carr book over and over (a friend found that the only thing to help her quit few yrs ago)...

    I went cold turkey cause I didn't want nicotine in my system with e-ciggs but my if that helps the transition go for it but I'd say only if you find it too hard to resist.

    Helps if you've a close friend or partner to support or boost you along with it too...

  • You need something to replace the ciggies (which is why so many people pile on weight when they give up). A bit of exercise will also help alot.

    I gave up about 5 years ago now and have not been back. Put on about 7 kgs initially but started running then and all went back to normal. I honestly don't think I could have done it alone. If my wife smoked I would be back on them. I also cut out going to pubs with smokers for a long time. Extreme but necessary in my case.