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Irish Grades for UK

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    Considering applying to universities in England, namely LSE and Warwick. Both have requirements of AAAABB and AAABBB respectively. My question is do they accept any combo of As and Bs or do they mean A1s when they say As? For example, if I got A1A2A2B2B3B3 would this fulfil the AAABBB requirement or would I need closer to A1A1A1B1B1B1?


  • I know nothing about LSE, but I took a year out and applied to Warwick University this year. I already had my grades and I was still freaking out about the entry requirements. My grades were A1 A1 A2 B1 B2 B3 and I was really freaked out about that B3.

    They gave me an offer, so I'd be inclined to say you'll be fine with a decent combo of As and Bs, but my application was also judged on a portfolio and interview questions. I don't think they invite for interview for every course, but they do for a lot of courses, so it might not be on your grades alone. If you really wanted to make absolute sure and put your mind at ease, you can always email the admissions tutors for the courses you want to apply for. They should be able to give you a good idea, at the very least.

    (Just to tell you, I also applied for the Uni of Manchester this year, I had way above the grade minimum, and I still didn't get in. They told me I didn't meet requirements even with the grades. Unfortunately, I don't think it's automatic like the points system in Ireland. But from advice from friends in the UK, the grades seem to be the first thing they look at.)

    Best of luck with applying!!

  • thanks for your information. yeah I emailed them and they just replied saying AAABBB was the typical offer but I'm still a bit worried about getting a B3 in case, like I see some colleges saying AAAAB1B1 and so on so its a bit worrying