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Bundoran tomorrow.Help a novice not make another wasted trip west.

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    Novice surfer who has had the dissapointment of heading west to flat water on his first three trips west.

    Still getting to grips with reading the weather / swells etc.

    While the wind isn't ideal tomorrow in Bundoran - SSW - it's still getting a high star rating on Magic seaweed.

    Would it be worth the trip or should I just wait for offshore winds to be sure I'm not dissapointed?

    Also what beach / beach area would you recommend as the most consistent in Bundoran for a beginner / intermediate.



  • Would be more worried about the swell, will be massive and most beachs closed out

  • The Rat boy is right the there is very strong winds and big swell on the way. Not want you would call safe conditions for a beginner.

    Fair play for making the effort to learn how to read the forecast, a lot don't.

    On Saturday you might get something around wicklow so maybe don't charge over west.



  • I don't think there will be even one surfable spot tomorrow. Very strong onshore winds are no go. Aim for Sunday (will be big, prolly too big for beginners) or beginning of next week.

  • Is wickla a place in cork????? Everyone knows there's no surf on the east coast

  • Check out

    They'll help you out with somewhere it may work with the wind conditions you're expecting.

    Just be careful, you don't want to get caught in backwash and waves closing out.

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  • Cheers lads,

    Very tempted to ignore better judgement and head up today but I think I'll hang on till next week and try getting to grips with reading the weather in the meantime. Until I know a bit more about the local spots up there I'll hang on for more generally favourable conditions.

    Nice one for the Wicklow tip SpaceHopper. I'm feckin working Saturday but I'll definitely keep it in mind, never really considered the East Coast, where would you be talking about in Wicklow for Saturday?

  • Rule of thumb is ever explore a new places in rank conditions - when there is a lot of water moving. Rips and currents will be nasty specially if you don't know what to look for

    One trick is to find out if the surf schools are running and get into the water close to them....