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Star Trek 13

  • 26-02-2015 12:12pm
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    Really Star Trek 13 do.
    What would you like to see in the next Star Trek film that is due for release around May or June next year. Not that far away really.
    Me I want to see an original story. Something that is new not just the same as was done before but the other way round as in Star Trek 12 Into Darkness. If thethe cold war and racism were all issues that were done on Star Trek. could make it relavent to what is happening in the world today then even better as that is what Star Trek has always been about originally. Eg the cold war and racism were all issues that were done on Star Trek.

    I want to see some exploring done.
    Want good acting none of the silly stuff they have put in the last two films.
    I want to see a film that has a real meaning to it that can be watched over and over again and not just a silly action film as the last two were basically.
    I want to see the Enterprise get into a fight with maybe a Romulan or Klingon ship of similar size so we can have a prober battle.
    If that battle could be a big space battle like has been done on DS9 even better.
    Some new ships would be cool.
    I know a lot to do in two hours that why I also think the film should be at least three hours long or even four. How great would that be. It is Star Treks 50th anniversary next year after all. Better still they could surprise us all and bring out two new films next year. That would be Awesome. A fan can dream.


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    Dump the stupid alternative timeline BS. Treat viewers like adults. Examine a relevant social issue. Make Mr. Scott look competent rather than the class clown. Anything but a stupid action film with no substance

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    @Squonk I agree totally with all the points you have mentioned.I agree thats what Star Trek is supposed to be about the human condition and the issues of the day. Maybe if they could do something like the ISIS threat but in a Star Trek setting that could work maybe and maybe how to deal with the new threat. That could be relevant for years to come. I hate the way they have done Scotty in the new Star Trek films as he was one of the most intelligent and passionate characters in the original proper Star Trek.He was also a miracle worker too. I am not to sure if we will get the film that we want do and that Star Trek deserves for its 50th Birthday.