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Euromillions Lottery Log

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    I'm using the law of averages and a few other Probability tricks to figure out the most likely numbers for Euromillions. Tonight was my first night and I got both the bonus numbers right and also one other number but was not far off getting the rest.

    I once turned 5 euro into 750 euro by using the same technique on a roulette table. I hope if I continue doing this it might pay off.

    So the way I go about it is I make a grid of the last 20 results from smallest number to highest excluding bonus numbers. I map out all the odd and even numbers and even combinations of odd an evens. I then make classifications of Low numbers, Mid numbers and High numbers for each row I look at.

    I look at the smallest numbers drawn from the last 20 results and then figure out what the most likely next smallest number is. I do this for each row then.

    Eventually when I have my numbers I make refinements based on other info such as combinations of odd numbers and if an unlikely event is going to happen such as a Zero on a roulette table.

    I placed three bets tonight and on all three bets I knew 37, 4 and 7 would turn up. I used these numbers in all three bets. I mixed the other numbers up a bit and was close but no cigar.

    I will post my grid up tomorrow and maybe people can help me refine for a bit of fun. Below is an example of what I do with just one result

    11 o TennLow
    02 e SingleLow
    46 e FortyMid
    34 e ThirtyMid
    23 o TwentyLow
    17 0 TeenHigh
    06 e SingleMid


  • I hope you are joking?

    I read it a second time im sure you're joking

  • Gregk961 wrote: »
    I hope you are joking?

    I read it a second time im sure you're joking


    Its just a bit of fun for me. I really like drawing out a load of numbers and finding patterns based on stuff like odds and evens, highs and lows etc.

    I am just applying the law of averages on what numbers might turn up. Thats all.

  • Those specific numbers I picked, 37 from the main group. then 4 and 7 in the bonus numbers. The reason I stuck with them is because they were the most likely to come up next according to my grid. Again I only placed three bets and all these numbers were present in all three bets.

  • Good luck! Hope you end up like this lady ;)

    'Lucky' woman who won lottery four times outed as Stanford University statistics PhD

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  • Personally I like to strip down and draw a grid all over my upper body. I number each box, lie down and leave a small piece of roast chicken inside each. Whichever 5 pieces my dog eats first, are my numbers. For the bonus numbers I use turkey on a smaller grid.

    The "law of averages" is not an actual thing. Im sure you're trolling so I'll leave it right there.

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  • It's gambling. Most people I know who gamble predict outcomes and usually believe in a bit of luck now and then. Gambling would be a dead game if people didn't think they could win.

  • I call bollo.cks.

    The thing here is that it's impossible to determine a set pattern to the numbers which are drawn. Meaning, just because 1 (for example) has not come out in twenty draws it does not mean that it's more likely to come out in the long rung.

    Every draw wipes the slate in terms of previous numbers.

    Successful gambling is about getting an edge ahead of the bookie. You won't find it via the lottery.

  • Here is a link to my grid.

    According to the grid that maps out the last 20 results the following is true in terms of frequency:

    Bonus Numbers:
    highest number has been even 14 times in the last 20 draws.
    lowest number has been odd 14 times in the last 20 draws.
    Odd Odd or Even Even combinations appeared 4 times in the last 20 draws.

    This means you are better off betting Even high/Odd low for bonus numbers.

    Main Numbers
    Odds and Evens are pretty much 50/50 so I am just looking at patterns such as what is the most odd's or even's before it changes.

    Highest number has been in the 40's 14 times in the last 20 draws. Repetition is common with 49 and 50 appearing frequently. There has not been four consecutive odds or evens in a row.

    Second highest number has been in the 30's 14 times in the last 20 draws. The number has been above 37 or below 33 ten times in the last 20 draws.

    Third highest number has been in the 30's 9 times while 20's appear 5 times. Numbers are usually in the lower half such as 32, 21, 23, 31 etc.

    Fourth highest number has been in the 20's 10 times with teens appearing 5 times. Mid 20's and high teens are common numbers.

    Last numbers have been single digits 10 times in the last 20 draws with teens appearing 7 times. Numbers under 6 have appeared 7 times in the last 20 draws.

    According to my grid my numbers for the next lotto should be:

    bonus number 1 = even and above 6
    bonus number 2 = odd and below 5

    line 1 = 40's
    line 2 = high or low 30's
    line 3 = low 30's
    line 4 = mid 20's
    line 5 = single digit under 7

    Of course this is just a bit of fun but I find going through these numbers greatly satisfy. Similar to tearing paper or something=)