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Misfeeding raider

  • 19-02-2015 9:36pm
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    Was out a few weeks ago and noticed I wasn't getting as much range and my bbs were falling very short. So I headed to my local store and spoke to the guys inside.

    I was advised to maybe start with a replacement hop chamber so I bought an shs one. Put it in that night no bother.

    Sunday I was at my local site and I'd get one bb then a jam. Take the mag out and three or four bbs would drop out. Put mag in and same again. That was on single or full auto.

    Took the hop chamber out and took that spring off of it and it was feeding better.

    Spoke to one do the guys on site who suggested it might be the air nozzle or tappet plate. I did replace the nozzle about 6 months ago for an shs nozzle and it seemed fine after. Also I've only been out maybe three times in that six months.

    So my question is could the tappet plate need replacing meaning another gearbox opening which is a mare. Or could it be the hop chamber I put in? I find it strange that it feeds good if that small spring is taken out but as soon as its in it causes problems.


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    Have you tried a different brand of mag and a new hop up rubbed and nub?

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 1,446 ✭✭✭brenak47

    Well a g&g hop up unit is far better than the shs.Its sounds more like hop up rubber was your first problem.Did u replace it while replacing the unit.As for shs air nozzles they are gone to crap as they are now a few mil shorter than your original one.Have u noticed a major drop in fps.On the 4 bbs falling our that happens with most aeg mags.

  • Registered Users Posts: 136 ✭✭outdoors247

    Could be the mag spring or its not seating in the mag wel properly

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    i think its a blue hop up rubber in at the minute can't remember they brand think it's Madbull. Might pop dpwn and here a g&g green today and put it in.

    Yeah the three or four bbs always fall out I guess is normal when a mag is taken out. what I mean is that it appears that only one be is fed into the hop chamber becase when I pull the trigger after the first shot in dry firing. Hop itself is fully off at this point. So it appears to be a feed issue.

    I guess the mag may be the issue its a plastic one no idea the brand but probably a cheap one. I still have the g&g high cap so I'll try that and a lonex one.

    As to the fps it's always been poor I've never really gone above the 290 on the raider. I swapped the air nozzle for the shs because the shs had double o rings also swapped the piston head trying to get a better seal. Last week I actually blocked the blowback hole at the top of the gearbox and that helped to bring it to about 300.

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    this mag that your having issues with did you buy it new out of the shop? when you fill a mag for the fist time you need to gently load the mag bit by bit say 3-4rds at a time and in between loads give a little squirt of silicone oil. Its possible you compressed the spring too quick and weakened it however this only applies to mids and low caps.

    if it is not this then it is probably the seating of the mag which is an easy fix with a bit of electrical tape around the inside of the mag well. Although that in itself may not solve your problem you possibly may have to add a sliver of plastic (like from an old bank card or library card etc) to the area of the mag where the mag catch sits in. put it on the top of this slot and the mag will sit higher in the mag well.

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    I know i tried the red/black and blue madbull in my raider and had a load of issues with them causing jams.G&G green and no problems at all.Just check everything is sitting right in the hop up chamber.Also put your spring back on the chamber and see.U might need to stretch it a bit to sit against the gb right.I had to that lately myself after fitting a new chamber.