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An idea for keeping kids off the smokes

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    Just a quick one.

    This worked for all my brothers and sisters and none of the eight of us took up smoking.

    As kids, our dad offered us a cash bonus on our 21st birthdays if we didn't start smoking. He actually got us to sign a contract.

    At the time (mid 80s when I was about 13) he said he'd give me 100 pounds on my 21st. That was a lot of money to a 13 year old. 8 years later it was still a few nights out. My younger siblings had their bonus index linked so the amount of money rose each year.

    As a teenager it was a great motivator. he gave me the choice to either accept or reject his offer. It committed me not to take it up from a young age.


  • I was the only one of my friends that smoked in school/as a teenager. I'm the only non smoker now. All started in their early 20s, mostly in college.

    Glad it worked for you though!

  • Funny but very logical stuff right their.
    But i really doubt if that will work now, like pots everywhere and nearly everybody does it. And it even very easy for them to hide it from you.

    But really love the idea. Your dad is a very wise man.