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Looking to keep track....

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    Registered Users Posts: 991 LawlessBoy

    Just doing a log to keep track of my exercise programme and what i will be doing. Reckon it helps to keep track meaning i have someone to answer to even if it is only myself!:P

    Tuesday 17/02/2015

    Shoulders today on a new programme the past 3 weeks. this week is strength.

    Dumbbell overhead press
    1x6 @ 22.5kg
    1x6 @ 25kg
    1x6 @ 27.5kg
    2x5 @30kg

    Upright Rows
    3x6 @ 35kg
    2x5 @ 40kg

    Lateral Dumbbell Raise
    4x6 @ 15kg

    Front Cable Raises
    4x6 @ 18kg

    Arnold Press
    4x10 @ 17.5kg

    Dumbbell Shurugs
    1x6 @ 30kg
    1x6 @ 32.5kg
    2x6 @ 35kg

    Really need to get a new set of straps or wraps, could go heavier on shrugs if grip wasnt a problem.