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New York Toy Fair.

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    So are we all happy or Upset over the weekends release news?
    What are your Highlights or Lowlights of the show?

    For me its the fact They may have solved the issue I was having deciding between MP Ultra Magnus and Citizen Stack.

    Got to love this IDW body based on Nick Roches art work.




  • Yeah, happy with Ultra Magnus and the new Constructicons. Will be picking up both.

  • I like the new Cyclonus, had been eyeing the classics version for a while but I don't think it'a worth the price from a reseller.

  • The Classic Cyclonus(Any version) is a lovely figure. Just a shame about his size.
    This one looks interesting. It will depend on how much I like Sliverbolt or what the rest of his combined form will consist of.

  • Not into collecting the Combiner Wars series but do enjoy seeing how they are turning out. A few of them really do look great. Cyclonus and Ultra Magnus are among them.
    It's a pretty nice bonus to feature Ambus along with Ultra Magnus. A little shame that you can see Ambus in his alternate mode on Magnus's trailer rather than being incorporated into his body. But as I said, it's a nice little bonus getting a little Ambus figure.

    As awesome as the Constructicons look in their combined form (individual forms leave little to be desired) I can't help but wonder why they decided to have devastator so massive compared to the other combiners.

    Defensor looks pretty good too. Fairly solid looking compared to Menasor. Curious to see how Computron turns out and if they try Abominus.

  • That Magnus is a must-buy.
    Goodbye City Commander and your parts-formation.
    Minimus Ambus is a great touch and there's a video from the fair that shows how he sits into the robot Magnus. Definitely going to get this - although, I might wait to see if Takara take a stab at him.

    I like the look of the Potectobots, really nice vehicle modes but Defensor isn't for me.
    Devestator looks very impressive but the individual robots aren't much and his size is all wrong (IMO).
    The Cyclonus jet is sleek and stylish until you notice the folded up legs sticking out underneath - like the current design for the Aerialbots. I don't like the robot - I've gotten very used to the MTMTE version and this guy is a little to Hulk-ish around the arms.

    Warpath is hideous. Those hands are a mess.

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  • If Rook of the Protectobots had hands I'd be smitten by the figure.

    He also looks a little too beefy as an arm on Defensor.

    Blades is a definite get based on my enjoyment of Alpha Bravo.
    And I suppose I'll get Vortex too. :)

    Also this run is giving really really good face. Ultra Magnus and the bots have some great expressions.

  • There a link to pics of everything?

  • There a link to pics of everything?