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Teachers in Dubai

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    Hi everyone!

    Just wondering if anyone could recommend a good recruitment company for getting a teaching job in Dubai? I'm a primary teacher with 3 years experience. Thinking of moving in September but want to get a job sorted soon.

    Any advice on Dubai and moving there in general, teaching jobs etc welcome! :)


  • Hi. I'm in a similar situation to you at the minute and thinking of moving over. I'm thinking either Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Just wondering if you found any good recruitment agencies? Just beginning really to look into it now! :)

  • Hey there. I've signed up with a few companies like teach anywhere and tes but nothing yet really... Seems to be loads of jobs in public school but I'm only applying for private schools because from what I hear it's not worth the extra money they are really difficult. Seems to be lots of jobs going in Abu D but I'm only looking to move to Dubai so if your open to going there then I'd say there's plenty of work