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Thoughts on Mixamo Fuse

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    Was wondering if anyone would care to share their thoughts on using Fuse to generate character models? Guessing it's possible to take a rigged mixamo character and apply asset store animations to it?

    Had a look at the trial last night, and it seems to be more polished, user friendly, and versatile than similar programs (make human - very little customisation/clothing / UMA - very little clothing & not user friendly).


  • I've used the trial myself for mixamo. Their rigs worked with Unitys mechanim.
    For asset store animations, which i haven't investigated, I would hope they state that they work with mechanim(have similar bone structure which is becoming or is standard I would think). Sorry i'm rusty on animations.
    What's that thing they call for moving animations across characters?
    Avatars? I can't remember....
    But even if the rig is slightly off, like more or less bones, I think it is possible to adjust that to suit, but it won't be fun at all I am sure you know.
    Mixamo seems a little expensive, but worth it if you are making money and are a small setup.

    worst case scenario you could try an asset store animation with a trial version rig. Or message the vendor for the animation to find out.

  • Yeah, likely the avatar or animation controller. Tried out a free mixamo model from asset store and it worked fine with other animations. Initial impression is that Fuse is pretty good value, the models are decent, with a fairly good selection of parts, and it's easy to use. However, by default the models won't look as nifty in Unity as they do in Fuse. Something to worry about later : )

    You're spot on about the price of the animations on mixamo being steep, but since mechanim animations work fine, it's grand. You get two free autorigs per week, which is fine so long as you don't need a load of models in a hurry. First model I tried rigged fine.

  • Should add that there are limitations with Fuse, these 2 are probably the most likely to cause problems.

    If you're making something like an RPG where your character's model changes with equipment, Fuse may not be optimal, as there is no way to generate a new model on the fly. Though there may be some workaround, the most obvious way is to export one model per combination. This would be workable if the number of combinations is limited, but otherwise it's likely to be messy.

    Being a standalone application, you can't plug it into an engine so players can customise their characters.

    Overall, pretty impressed with it though.