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Learning Piano as an Adult Beginner

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    I always wanted to learn to play a musical instrument but never had the chance when I was young. My husband caught me staring wistfully at pianos one day before Christmas and bought me an 'introducing piano' course for Christmas! I've only done two of ten lessons but it's great fun! I'm sure it takes ages to get to a good level. I know what constitutes 'good' is wide open to interpretation but could anyone give me an idea of about how long it might take and/or the quickest/best way to get there? Any advice basically to help me improve as quickly as possible


  • I don't play piano myself, I play guitar, so while I can't speak to the specifics, I think some advice is universal when learning an instrument.

    The the first key to any musical instrument is practice, practice, practice. And then some more practice. Do you have a piano or keyboard at home? If not, you really need to get one. Lessons alone won't get you there (they're important too, but you've got that covered). You're obviously keen to learn, and that's a great start in itself.

    Other than that, I'd say learn to play songs you really like. It's all well and good learning what your teacher gives you, but if you have a few favourite songs that you make it a mission to be able to play, you'll get a lot more out of your practice and your progress.

    I have three young kids and all the usual family and work stuff going on, and finding the time to practice is extremely difficult, but I make a point of picking up the guitar and at least strumming a few chords every single day. Any chance I get, I practice the guitar over watching TV or flicking around the internet. I wouldn't necessarily say I'm good, but I can definitely see, hear and feel the improvement. I also made a point of putting my guitar in the sitting room in easy reach of the sofa, so there's no excuse if i'm sitting down, I can just reach for it. I went literally years with a guitar upstairs, and hardly played it at all. Make playing part of your daily routine.

    So make sure there's some kind of keyboard close at hand at home, and sit yourself in front of it every day. The closer it is to an actual piano, the better, but obviously cost and space requirements come into play there.