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Children of the Free Larp event, Co Wicklow

  • 31-01-2015 8:02pm
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    Children of the Free is running its next event Friday 13 - Sunday 15 March in Glencree, Co Wicklow.
    €50 for adults, €10 12-15 year olds if paid by 1 March. Fee covers the cost of the event (playing 2 adventures and monstering 2 adventures) indoor bunk style accommodation, full catering.
    Website: www dot igolarp dot com
    Facebook group: Irish Guild of Live Role Players - Dublin Branch

    About IGOLARP:
    The aim of the Irish Guild of Live Role-players (IGoLARP) is to provide a high quality live role-play experience set in a mid to high fantasy Celtic setting.
    The Children of the Free Campaign pits a hard core group of Celts and Vikings fighting for survival against powerful Fomorian demons and their Fir Bolg allies.
    It is a place where every choice you make or action you take can have serious consequences on future events.

    About event 3:
    The Shard of Veron is now safely in the hands of Cula-ta but what will the corruption have done to its effectiveness as a device of healing?
    The Norsemen have set up camp several miles from the Free lands and many Northmen are flocking to defend this new outpost. This has certainly taken the pressure off the Free Folk.
    Rumours abound that Cymru our nearest friends and allies have been having problems of their own. Perhaps there is an opportunity to return a favour or two?
    CrannLúir have had some major issues with the undeparted, hopefully with the recovery of the final shard of Veron these issues will be at an end…
    Resources are running low and proposals have been made to raid the Corkian Caves to urgently replenish supplies. Volunteers are being sought to undertake this dangerous mission.


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    New larpers are more than welcome. Help can be given in regards to costume, and weapons can be loaned. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions or need any help

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    2 weeks until the adult booking fee for the event increases from €50 to €60 so get your bookings in!