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Can i do Foundation maths for level 5

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    Hi i'm looking at doing a level 5 fetac digital media, i'm really nervous about ordinary maths and i'm worried i wont get the pass in June, i'm in 6th year. Am i still eligible to the course if i do foundation maths along with the 5 passes? Thanks


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    You would need to check with the providers of your FETAC course as to whether they need a specific standard in Maths.

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    Hey I did that course with foundation maths in 2013/2014. When I applied the entry requirements were five passes in the Leaving Cert. But I'd recommend emailing the college to get written confirmation as it may have changed since I did the course. Im not sure but I dont think entry requirements are set in stone if you show a lot of enthusiasm and a good work ethic in the interview. If you have any other questions with the course dont be afraid to pm me.

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