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HDMI out of Range

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    Well hopefully anyway !!
    I bought a HDMI to DVI connector to use a monitor for the picture, I had intended to run the XBOX through a HDMI amp and take the PIC out to the monitor and could use the sound via the sound system.

    It works perfectly for my Xbox 1 but no picture on the Xbox. So I was playing around with the HDMI output settings and still getting nothing to the monitor, I was connecting directly and still nothing. So after giving up for the evening I hooked the xbox back to the TV. Now the xbox goes through the boot motions connects the controller but getting no picture or sound. I connected via the scart leads and it works, I cannot change the HDMI output in this mode so this is where I am stuck. I read online you hold yellow and RT at boot to reset the HDMI but nothing either. I have tried different cables and ports.
    next step is to back up the HDD and reset the console unless someone can think of something.