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The nordic skiing thread

  • 20-01-2015 10:19pm
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    So, anyone here partaking in a bit of skiing now that winter has set in? There are great tracks here in Finland near my workplace, and I'm glad to have an outdoor activity to do after the dark months before Christmas.
    I just bought wax free skis.

    So do you ski? Classic or skating style?


  • Telemark skiing, when I can stay upright. The advent of 'feller' (not sure what they are called in English) has revolutionised the distances I can go when up in the mountains.

  • What's telemark skiing.

    I am completely clueless when it comes to skiing. Bought wax free classic style skis last week and have been out on them twice, but last night, I had no grip at all. Was wondering if I had made the right choice with wax free, but apparently, as I found out today its very hard to get traction below -20. So there you are. Every day is a school day. I think -20 may also be my temperature limit to go out too.

  • Telemark is supposedly the oldest and original form of skiing, i.e. to get from one valley to the next in winter. The skis are normally wider than cross country skis, but the technique can be used with those skis also. The turn is very usual and quite graceful when you get it right.

    Here's a video of what it would typically look like (i.e. ski-hike up the valley into the mountains and come down at whatever speed you can manage)

  • I started out cross country and downhill skiing but left those behind all for the glory of snowboarding :)

  • I only ski if I must :pac:
    I'm one of those nords who would much rather get some sunshine and warmth! :D

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