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Places to hunt trees?

  • 20-01-2015 12:08am
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    Hi guys, newbie here, and got a quick question.

    I have this great little spot, in Wicklow, which is a sort of woods, of quite a huge area. We've been going down there as a family, and having BBQ, just to roam the woods, and explore.
    My question is,
    Is it okay to practice archery there, considering the following;

    - I have never seen anybody but us in those woods. The owner allowed for open access to the woods by placing a notice on the fence stating so, and in roughly 30 times being there in the past 5 years, we haven't exactly seen anybody else there, even taking the hike on the path.
    - Its a very large area, packed with trees, FAR away from any sign of civilization such as a road, or even a hike trail (about 4km). Its literately, just deep woods.

    What i want to know, is it okay to maybe head over to a place like this, with a legal compound bow and such, hang up a target on a tree, and shoot/mess/practice around, provided all safety aspects are met, and there is nobody close or near who can be endangered in this activity? Reason id like this instead of a club, is fresh air, take breaks in between, picnic or whatnot, take a break to explore etc....not just driving down to the club to shoot, and the second youre done, go home if you understand what i mean? :/

    I tried, but was unable to find the owner of the woods to contact him, which is my main concern, of "should it be okay?"
    We've gone there many times, having BBQ/picnic (in the same spot and collecting rubbish afterwards, so not to disturb wildlife)

    Just to clarify, i do not intend to hunt or shoot any living creatures, i know its illegal.

    Thanks in advance for any response! :)


  • Closed Accounts Posts: 981 ✭✭✭Lardy

    I understand what you want to do, but absolutely no way should you shoot a bow in a public place. You have no insurance, the land owner and yourself can be sued for any damage/ injury you cause and you are not shooting in a controlled environment.

    I would whole heartedly recommend that you do not do it.

  • Registered Users Posts: 39 Vladpills

    Thats great, thank you very much for a quick response!
    I just wanted somebodies view on this idea, since i was not sure myself, but thanks you for pointing out about the insurance in case something were to happen on accident.

    Thanks again!

  • Moderators, Society & Culture Moderators, Sports Moderators Posts: 9,005 Mod ✭✭✭✭greysides

    I totally agree with Lardy. We can both see the enjoyment in it but it's just not safe to go roving or stump-shooting in this country. I suggest you look for a local IFAF or SIFA club as their activities come very close to what you want and they are very family orientated.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 147 ✭✭Gormley85

    NARGC insurance, just off the top of my head I think its 56euro for the year and you would be covered for this.

    Countryside alliance are cheaper again. Im not with them myself but I'd say it would be much the much as NARGC and would *probably* cover archery too.

  • Registered Users Posts: 174 ✭✭Midnight64

    Wicklow Archers have a great field shoot range near there (round the corner from Powerscourt) which would allow you to shoot at a number of different targets in a variety of ranges in complete safety. You would need to join them or another Archery Ireland club to get access though. Try it you might like it.

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