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Derry city nightlife!

  • 16-01-2015 12:21am
    Registered Users Posts: 104 ✭✭ bartbanis

    I'm looking for recommendations for good bars, clubs, restauraunts etc. in Derry city (also places to avoid). We are staying in Hostel Connect which i'm led to believe is pretty central.


  • Hostel Connect is very central indeed. Across the road is The Ice Wharf, a Wetherspoons bar, not everyone's cup of tea but it is ridiculously cheap and they have a much better drinks selection than anywhere else in town. Across the road from that is The Grand Central, a smaller more local pub with very nice Irish beer on tap and in bottles.

    Further into town you'll come to Waterloo Street, most of Derry's bars are here. Peader O'Donnell's and the Gweedore would be the 2 nicer ones. Walk up Waterloo St and you'll come to the walled part of the town. At the Diamond there is another Wetherspoons, again, very cheap.

    Beside the bus depot there is a nice bar called Sandinos, nice selection of bottled beers and the decor is pretty cool. At the weekends they have an upstairs bar open with a good DJ on, normally playing indie, 80's stuff.

    On Shipquay St then there is Sugar nightclub and down at the bottom, The Metro, which would be more regular nightclubs/late bars.

    For food there is a nice Mexican place, Guapo, for a quick burrito, tacos etc 30 seconds walk from your hostel, take a left and walk through the traffic lights and it's on the left.

  • There is nowhere to avoid in Derry cityside if you are from the South.

  • Checked out most of the locations, had a ball. Derry is as good as i remembered it to be! Highly recommend it for a stag!

  • As a Derry man, I would thoroughly recommend my home town for a weekend away, especially if you are after cheap food and drink.

    The people are genuinely nice, it's very compact so easily walked around, some nice hotels.

    We had visitors from Dublin a couple of years and they could not believe the price of food and drink.

  • Not as cheap as it was, but where is. I wouldn't find a big difference in food and drink between Derry and Dublin anymore. Of course Derry is a little cheaper but not significant.

    That is of course looking from the euro angle. If I was earning sterling might be different. The swing in currencies has made a huge difference Imo.

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  • Can someone recommend a city centre hotel that has a residents bar please?

  • finbarrk wrote: »
    Can someone recommend a city centre hotel that has a residents bar please?

    We only have a few city centre hotels. Not sure if they have lively residents bars but I'd assume you can get a drink late on. Best bet would be to contact each. I've listed them in the order I'd prefer.

    City Hotel
    Bishops Gate Boutique Hotel
    The Maldron

    Slightly further out is Da Vinci's Hotel as well.

  • Thanks. I prefer a late drink in a hotel bar, rather than a noisy night club. I'll check out the City Hotel first.