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TG4 New ''Comedy'' show Na Bunions

  • 11-01-2015 8:40pm
    Registered Users Posts: 1 Carnaby Spricklewurth

    Was really looking forward to this show after the hilarious Rasai na Gaillimh.

    I've watched the first episode and it is woeful, and i am being kind here.

    The actors seem to be some sort of rabble taken from a village pantomime and told to act in front of a camera, they all look quite startled whenever they sense the camera is in their vicinity, and begin to look shifty and uncomfortable. Some of them obviously have a sideline as human windmills, judging by the flailing of their arms every time they spoke.

    I'd be surprised if the director could manage to direct Lemmings off a cliff.

    Shoddy script, shoddier actors.

    Tg4 had a great reputation for home grown comedy. This is certainly not one of them.