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Petition for Teaching Council recognition of work abroad Hours


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    Moved to it's own thread... good idea... I'll stickey it for a while.


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    Thank you! I appreciate the support. I will copy and paste below the email I sent to the teaching council asking about recognition of the 300 hours in other countries and the reply I got. My primary aim is to get a straight answer.

    To whom it may concern at the Teaching Council,

    I would like to get information about PQE (post qualification employment) which involves providing evidence of 300 hours teaching experience in a recognised school. Until you complete this you are only 'conditionally' registered with the Teaching Council.

    I understand that hours completed in the United Kingdom may count. However, hours in other countries may or may not.

    I was told that an NQT can submit form B which is assessed on a case by case basis.

    Form B says employment can be in a state recognised second-level school in any state.

    I would like to know what states are recognised? What criteria does the school have to fulfil in order to be recognised by the Irish Teaching Council?

    Even if it is carried out on a case by case basis I would like to know how often applications have been approved from the Middle East since the 300 hour criteria was implemented.

    If this information is already readily available on your website then I apologise for taking up your time and I ask that you point me in the correct direction of finding it.

    Employees at the Council must follow a rubric or criteria to assess the form Bs they currently get. Perhaps that is what I am seeking.

    If the information I require is not readily available, I would like to make a request to the Freedom of Information Unit of your body for this information.

    Thank you in advance for taking the time to deal with this query.

    The reply I got was as follows.

    Thank you for your email.

    Information on the condition of Post Qualification Employment can be found on our website – www.teachingcouncil.ie

    The link for the particular page is: http://www.teachingcouncil.ie/registration/registration-with-conditions.205.html

    With regards completion of hours abroad, as you mentioned Form Bs are assessed on a case-by-case basis. The criteria that needs to be met includes:

    1. It is entirely a matter for a registered teacher to secure teaching positions that satisfy the requirements of this process.

    2. Employment as a substitute post-primary teacher is acceptable for the purposes of fulfilling PQE

    3. Employment as teacher in a primary school is not acceptable for the purposes of fulfilling PQE

    4. Employment as a qualified teacher (post-teaching qualification) is the only form of employment that will be taken into account on this form.

    5. Applicants must provide evidence of teaching employment that is verified and signed by the principal of the school in which the teaching employment took place. In cases where teaching employment (as a fully qualified teacher) is carried out in more than one school, the teacher must provide a separate form for each school. Teaching service in several schools can be aggregated together towards the 300 hours threshold by completing several forms – one form per school.

    6. A minimum of two-thirds (⅔) (200 hours) of the required employment must be involved in the teaching of a curricular subject or Guidance and Counselling to a designated class on the school’s timetable.

    7. Up to one-third (⅓) (100 hours) of the required employment can be involved in a learning support, Special Needs, Language Support or other timetabled teaching activities.

    8. A period of three years from the date of registration is permitted within which a teacher must complete this requirement. In exceptional circumstances, a teacher may apply to the Council for an extension of the three year time period.

    9. This form may be completed in respect of state recognised second-level schools in any state.

    10. This form may also be completed with respect to teaching of curricular subjects (which are examined by the State Examinations Commission) in recognised Centres of Education in Ireland where the teaching service involves the preparation of students for State Exams.

    11. The teaching of subjects outside those examined by the State Examinations Commission in Ireland (e.g. FETAC or City & Guilds etc.) may be taken into consideration towards the 100-hour requirement.

    12. Please note that failure to fulfil the Post Qualification Employment (PQE) requirement within the specified timeframe will result in the lapsing of registration unless an extension to the timeframe has been granted.

    This criteria is laid out on Form B, which I have attached to this email for you.

    With regards schools in the Middle East, or schools in general, I’m afraid we do not keep a record of schools in which the hours were accepted. So I’m afraid I would not know how often hours completed in the Middle East are accepted. We just assess hours from schools in the Middle East as we receive them.

    I hope this has answered your query.

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    Thanks to those who have signed so far! :) Please keep signing.

    I was just wondering if anyone has successfully had teaching hours from abroad recognised by the Teaching Council. Specifically from countries outside of the United Kingdom.


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    Here is a link to an article about the teaching Council which is in the process of reviewing application fees amid complaints over cost and delays. Not related to the recognition of teaching hours accumulated abroad petition in the first post but it does highlight the red tape issue all the same.


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    I'm currently in my 2nd year teaching in Abu Dhabi and trying to sort out the Form B. I emailed the teaching council for help and they were useless. They said send it off and they will decide based on that. My question here is about part B on the Form one of the questions is

    "Is the school in receipt of funds (or eligible to receive funds) from State Authority"

    My school is private, so am unsure if they do or not. What difference does this make to the TC? I'm really wondering because if I sent off the wrong answer to that they will probably say my hours don't count.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    I'm not sure what answer they are looking for either. What difference does it make to them is a good question to ask though.

    You could ask somebody at the school who would know the answer to the question though. Honesty is the best policy afterall.

    I would be interested to find out if your hours there are accepted.

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    Interesting article - the most relevant point of which I pasted below

    In the main, young, newly qualified teachers eager to complete their post- qualification employment (PQE) who take up the posts.
    PQE involves completing 10 professional development workshops along with teaching for 100 consecutive days in a school, under the supervision of an inspector from the Teaching Council. But getting the hours to complete the PQE is hugely challenging for many graduates.

    We’ve introduced hoops for newly qualified teachers to jump through, but we can’t actually facilitate them doing it within the country,” says Carr.

    If you go to the Middle East and teach English, that is not counted for your PQE, but teaching in the UK is.

    That’s a big reason why a lot of newly qualified Irish teachers will do that. They simply can’t get the hours here.

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    Good idea. Purely out of interest, can Irish graduates pass the now mandatory 2 year PME course and train in the UK or indeed other countries and then return to Ireland and register with the teaching council? I've heard conflicting stories.

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