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Forum Feedback 2015

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    Hello everybody.

    New year, new thread. So post any feedback you may have (good or bad) here and we can all have a nice chinwag about it. Sound good? Awesome.


  • I want more people to talk to me :(
    Make it happen :mad::mad::mad:

  • As a forum its set up for a reason, this forum aimed at young teens to med 20's and obviously anyone who started here just gradually moved up with time. But i think we should be aiming to try and do meet ups of sorts. not easy because the large majority of groups are Cork, Limerick, Galway or Dublin. but i think its something could be aimed at to get to know eachother in the forum and maybe mre people will talk to deise_girl

  • Any point in re-naming this thread to get some ideas floated for C&H in 2017?

    I reckon some of the stickies can be un-stuck anyway.