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Robots in Disguise

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    So what do you think?

    Are we enjoying the Toys?

    And What are we thinking about the new Intro

    Downloaded the Game on the sisters Tablet for the Nephews. And they are loving it.
    Very simple little sideways scroller. But engrossing them which is great. Plus it has a Tractor Decepticon so that's William Sold.

    The show doesn't seem too kiddy from this 5 minutes clip.


  • Wouldn't be overly impressed with that TBH.. the animation does nothing for me. Think I was spoiled by Prime :)

  • We were spoiled by Prime alright.

    But I'll see where this one takes us. I did watch animated after all.
    And I forgive that for Lugnut.
    Cause that gave us this wonderful figure.

  • i really like the animation style.

    its very slick but the show itself just looks to "wacky" for my liking . ive been spoiled by the comics so im not really interested in anything that isnt as sophisticated as that now , and thats NOT gonna happen in a kids show.

    REALLY wish hasbro would go the DC route with adult vids for us old timers.

  • That could still happen.
    There had been stranger occurrences.

    I've enjoyed all 4 deluxe figures.

    got the 3 step Bumblee Bee for the nephew. (4Y/o) and it's held up well under his assault! Best part being he doesn't need me to transform it for him.

  • 10917083_666886046765497_5107101482428639593_n.png?oh=0f36678ea1398aed9f4e17d9e6036e09&oe=553A513E

    Really hoping to see this guy in Wave 2 of the deluxes.
    i really like the animation style.

    REALLY wish hasbro would go the DC route with adult vids for us old timers.

    Now that I think of it thou. The Videogames are pretty much that.

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