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Christmas 2014: A Christmas in Review

  • 01-01-2015 5:46pm
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    So now that Christmas Day and all of the build up and most of the post Christmas has past let's take a look back at our Christmases and see what went well, what didn't and one thing you would change for Christmas 2015.

    I'll kick off;

    What went well: This was the first Christmas myself and my Fiancée ever hosted, it went really well and she cooked an amazing dinner, it was my first time EVER not having a Mammy Christmas dinner but I needed had worry, I'm in safe hands haha.

    What didn't go so well: I was a bit disappointed in my tree this year even thought it's only 3 years old and the second year in the house it really does seem like it belonged more in the apartment we used to live in and not the house, it seems so bare in the centre. A new tree will be bought in 2015.

    One Thing You Would Change: Well aside from the tree because we had a wedding to attend just after Christmas we had a lot of days travelling up and down the country, next year I would ensure we get at least one FULL day to relax on the couch and watch loads of Movies, Netflicks and DVDs.


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    What went well: We decided to visit my family before Christmas so that we could have time at home after Christmas to relax. It was so nice not having to hop into the car and drive for a few hours after Christmas. Definitely something to do in the future. And we spent 2 days with the in-laws which, although I wasn't looking forward to staying for so long, was really lovely.

    What didn't go so well: I bloody well believed all the awards that Lidl's Cremant d'Alsace received and bought it as an alternative to champagne. Bleugh. It tasted sour. I mean, we drank it anyway (because we're troopers) but next year we'll stick with a decent champagne.

    One Thing You Would Change: I think we should have thrown on a few Christmas films before my husband went back to work. Nothing like a good Christmas movie day. And the champagne. :p

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    What went well: We had a large gang this year (well for us anyway) 10 for Christmas dinner and 8 extra people staying. It was really busy but great fun. It kind of made the time more special.
    What didn't go so well:With 8 extra house guests from the 25th to the 29th. I was wrecked cooing Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. While people did help but only when asked, not sure if it was a don't want to get in the way thing or just to busy having fun. By the morning of the 28th I had it dowe to a fine art of telling people what I wanted done and when...P you set the table, A you peel the veg, K wash the pots. R make coffee. E your in charge of drinks. By the time they left I was so tired that I could hardly move. My husband was fantastic and did so much. We slept for 14 hours the night they all left

    One Thing You Would Change: Next year, visitors won't be staying for 4 nights!!! They will also have a list of jobs that I want/need done in advance. I will also make sure that I have easy snacks on hand and no more cooked breakfasts will be done. Next year smoked salmon, bagels and cream cheese or Neven Magurie's Irish mist porridge.

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    What went well: Our daughter is just 3 so it was her first Christmas understanding presents, Santa etc. There was a lot of happiness and excitement in the house Christmas morning :-)

    What didn't go so well: The night before Christmas Eve we meet up with himself's friends for a few drinks while the In-laws looked after the little one. It was my first night out in a while as I have recently been in a car crash and have whiplash. Well I then fell down the stairs that night, pulled ligaments and hit my shin so hard, a chunk of skin came off, and the impact site is numb :/ Spent Christmas on crutches and pain meds. Not nice.

    One Thing You Would Change:
    We have always gone to In-Laws for Christmas for a few days and this year we had to haul all the wrapped 'Santy' presents down and then back up again when we left (200km journey each way). We do want to spend Christmas day there but maybe spend the morning at home and drive down? I'm sure the suggestion of a 2.5 hour drive on Xmas day might sound crazy.

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    What went well:
    In general it was a good xmas, had loads of family staying with us. We live in the the sticks and our families appreciated coming to our place to just relax and take it easy for a while. We also got a fresh snowfall on xmas eve and i think that made it extra special for everyone from ireland. The kids had an amazing time, which is the main thing for me, they got new skis for xmas and went skiing on stephens day, which was great because its usually just a day of sitting around doing nothing. .

    What didn't go so well:
    Myself and my wife were the hosts for our families this xmas and im usually running around making sure everyone is having great time, making food, serving drinks etc, but this year I ripped a few ligaments in my knee just before xmas, so i was pretty doped up on meds and couldnt do much, i think this put a bit of a dampener on the festivities because i couldnt part take in the usual late night drinking and playing games, so next year i dont plan on having surgery 2 days after xmas.

    One Thing You Would Change:
    Trying to have both a norwegian and an irish xmas, there are just too many different traditions that just cause a lot of extra hassel. So in future if we have xmas in norway it just going to be their traditions and if its in ireland its ours. Will probably have xmas in ireland next year, spent the last 2 in norway.

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    What went well:
    Stephens Day dinner in my brothers house. Man that guy can cook!

    What didn't go so well:
    three hours in the car Christmas eve with two babies!

    You Would Change:
    stay in our own house next year.
    Earlier dinner leaving more time for games /movies.

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    What went well:
    I had 5 whole days off this Christmas, instead of the usual 1-2 days, so that was good. Also, I have a new puppy, so it was lovely giving her toys and watching her run around playing with them. :)

    What didn't go so well:
    I could only have a pop up tree this year, because of my new woof. Also, I has a lot of late nights mid-December, so was pretty tired on Christmas Day. My Christmas cake was damn good this year, but my icing was pretty dismal- I experimented with something new and it looked very amateur-ish.

    One Thing You Would Change:
    Next year, I'll try and be better rested for the main event- and hopefully the dog will be trained not to destroy the tree and I can invest in a decent one. I will do better icing the cake- but so long as it tastes decent, I'll be happy enough! :)