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morrowind mods

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    Hey folks.

    Just bought this game. Its one of my favourite games but I havent played it since it came out originally.

    Its a steam version I bought, can any suggest what mods I should get? I would like to increase graphics etc etc


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    This list is good:

    I'd use the first few steps up to the part with adding new lands if you want the base game much the same, just looking nicer and a bit more useful.

    I can't remember now if it was morrowind or oblivion or both that harvest mods allowed you pick stuff in one press rather than several. Get one if you need to.
    In my last playthrough, one mod that I liked a lot was the multiple mark and call. It made missions a lot easier to get around (and more enjoyable). Though possibly making it too easy in ways. I still liked to travel around areas I hadn't been before, but it cut out the annoying wandering through places back and forth.

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