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RESEARCHER CHARTER (Revised 17 December 2014)

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    Discussions and informal chats about anything that pertains to research are welcome. This forum concerns all types of research that occurs in the natural, physical, social and behavioural sciences, including both scholarly and practical applications. Feel free to discuss research designs, sampling, primary or secondary data collections, experiments, analysis, results, assumptions, limitations, propositions, hypotheses, empirical generalisations, conceptual frameworks, operationalisations of variables, piloting studies, grants/RFPs, and lab protocols, standards, and practices. Research methods discussed may include quantitative (statistics), qualitative, triangulation between quantitative and qualitative, as well as other types of multi-methods.

    Discussions, questions, critiques, reviews, and informal chats about research occurring in books, reports, scholarly, professional, practical, news media, and popular consumer publications are welcome. Help may be asked for sourcing publications that pertain to your research.

    Academic institutions, degrees, courses, professor/instructor or teaching assistant class preps, CVs, research jobs and careers, scholarly and professional research associations, and degree-related research questions and problems, writing styles, including how to get published may be discussed. Advice regarding suppliers, kits, equipment, and software may be reviewed, provided they do not constitute advertising.

    The Researcher forum is subject to all the policies, practices, and guidelines contained within boards.ie FAQ and Terms of Use. These are the guidelines you agreed to when joining boards.ie.

    No in-thread discussions or comments about moderation. If you have a question about the forum, charter, or actions taken by moderator, please PM the mod first. If the issue is not resolved after an exchange of PMs, you may PM one of the Cmods, or open a Dispute Resolution. If you feel another member violates these guidelines, do not comment in-thread, rather use the Report button [!] in their post, and the mod will review it when time permits.

    New and old members make the forum. You shape it with your posts. This forum and charter are subject to experimentation, revision, and continuous improvement. If you have an idea for improvement, please PM one of the mods. Revisions will be dated in charter title as they occur.

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