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Music photos

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    Anybody know where I can get some good pics of bands I like? I'm looking to put a few band pics up on the wall, preferably live pics. And if possible, although getting a little more fussy now, I'd love if there were some good live pics of bands in Dublin. I'm particularly after a good REM photo.
    I've had a look on the interweb but not much joy so far, I thought there'd be more of this sort of thing available but maybe I've just not checked the right places. Does anybody know of a good website for this sort of thing? Or maybe a shop in Dublin that specialises in music photos?


  • Years ago there was a shop in temple bar which dealt in high end music photography prints but unfortunately it's long gone, and wasn't Irish specific. There's tons of music photographers working in Dublin and most will sell prints unless there's copyright/licensing issues. As regards R.E.M., a quick google found this photoset from the Marley gigs. Quite like this portrait of Michael Stipe too.