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All Day Stephens Day with Spencer Parker (Rekids, Panorama Bar - 4 Hour Set)

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    Pygmalion presents an all day Stephens day residents party with Spencer Parker delivering a 4 hour set. . Spencer Parker followers will be familiar with his work for Radio Slaves Rekids imprint alongside Nina Kraviz and Mr G.

    Preferred record labels range from the techno stylings of Giegling, Dystopian, Avian and Non Series, through to the house sound of White Material, FXHE and, his own imprint, Work Them Records. A "typical" set from Spencer could include everything from house to techno to disco classics.

    Now a resident of Berlin, Spencer is best known in the city as a regular guest at the world famous Panorama Bar. Elsewhere in the world, you can often find Spencer manning the decks at clubs such as Womb (Tokyo), Concrete (Paris), Dance Tunnel (London), Output (NYC) and Berns (Sweden).

    Residents on duty include Will Kinsella (Kombination Research, Sleaze Records, Globox, Dynamo), Mark Lawless (Apocalypse Now), Sexshop & JohnMantis, Con Allen & Cian Coburn, Russell Simmons (This Greedy Pig) & Aaron Dempsey (Radiomade).

    Music starts at noon. Onwards from there.