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18th Birthday Party Ideas

  • 12-12-2014 12:11am
    Registered Users Posts: 1 elkay

    Hi there! I was wondering if anyone would mind giving me some advice on what to do for my 18th...

    I'll be turning 18 in January 2015. I know it's Dec 2014, but I need to be starting to organise something now to allow time for people to RSVP, etc.

    I was basically thinking of a party at my house, as the majority of guests will be 16/17 and ID would be a problem if I were to have it in a bar/other venue.

    My other problem, other than venue, is who I invite. I'm a girl who speaks and gets on really well with all in my year (although not overly-friendly with small minority). I want to invite all of them (approx. 110), but there's nowhere near that amount of space in my house for that amount. Then I think of my close friends, but I wish for few more than about 10! So I add others who I speak to on a daily process, as well as those who I can along with in classes/other activities. This leaves me with a total of approx 45. But, then, I feel bad because I'd really have loved everyone there. Note: all these would be girls (I attend an All-Girls school, but I know they all are friendly with eachother and no-one would be alone).

    However, although I'm pretty sure I want all these girls there, I'm afraid that it'll be boring A.F. Like, that's really my main reason to posting this thread... what do we do? I.e. do you have any suggestions as to what we could do? Music wouldn't be a problem (I'm a avid fan and my guests have a wide-range of muscial tastes). Venue is sorted. Drink/Snacks/Food is easy to work out (being an 18th). But, it's the entertainment that gets me. (One close friend suggested to do something really 'Children's Games'...when guests have had something to drink (if they so wish) it'll be even funnier).

    Also, do you think I should go for a 'theme' or a 'fancy dress idea', or just keep it normal?

    So, yep, they're my two main questions...
    1) Entertainment? Games? Things to do? Etc?
    2) Theme? Fancy-dress Idea?

    Any suggestions will be much appreciated.