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Pipes and Kitchen Plumbing (Help with Washing Machine Smells)

  • 09-12-2014 1:24pm
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    Some background: My partner and I just bought a terraced house built in the 50's. We didn't know that the previous owners had built the extension/conservatory over the drain until after we had moved in. The structural surveyor never picked this up!. The previous owner has confirmed that the floor in the conservatory is click flooring and once uprooted, will reveal cork board and then hatches to the shores/drains below. He also said that in the 15 years of living there he's never had any issues with the drains.We have not take up the floor to date. The kitchen itself is in the original place, with the window/sliding door knocked through to reveal the conservatory so it's kind of an open plan room.

    Our current problem is that when we used the washing machine, there was an awful stagnant water smell. It was tolerable at first but now is really bad. When I knew it was the washing machine (it did take some time), I pulled out the washing machine which revealed a soaked floor. Our machine only uses cold water hose. The machine drain hose was going into a white standpipe with a curved bend similar to an L shape. This curved L bend was held up with a tin of beans. The white pipe then continued horizontally towards the corner of the room and appeared to go under the extension to the drain. The kitchen sink and other units are in the way so I don't have a clear view of where this pipe ends and I'm only guessing where it goes. The fittings under the sink are free from any damp patches and don't appear to be leaking in any way. There is also a dishwasher drain pipe going into one of the fittings under the sink but we never use the diswasher.

    I tested the stand pipe by putting the washing machine on a rinse and spin and watching it. The water was gushing up over the standpipe and onto the floor (hence the wet floor). I have tried drain cleaner with caustic soda and tested the water flow again. The water flow when a litre or kettle full of water is poured down the stand pipe is good so I decided to test the machine drain hose in the pipe again. This time the water didn't gush as much but still spilled back over the pipe and onto the floor. Sometimes when the water was going down the pipe there was a gurgling noise. Likewise when a lot of water was in the sink, the gurgling noise was heard going up the stand pipe.

    Anytime I've used the washing machine since, I've put the machine's drain hose into to sink. I think some dirty water has got back into the machine however as anytime I use it the place stinks of stagnant water again. The clothes smell fine and fresh but the whole kitchen and conservatory reeks of this smell. It's only like this when the machine is on.

    I was just wondering if anyone could lend some opinions as to what the real issue is. Obviously I need a plumber of some sort. Would it be a case that I just need a new piping going from the machine to the shore, perhaps getting them unblocked? Or should I rip up the entire floor and get the drains cleaned. Would it be worth paying for someone to come and look at the washing machine too (Hotpoint WD420)? We haven't any money so we're looking for a fix but one that isn't going to break the bank!


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    you might have better luck here

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    So now I find that if someone flushes stools down the toilet, the conservatory stinks!
    It's only if someone poops and not if it's just an empty bowl flushed

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    you should have this .....